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I know this has all been gone over before, but please indulge me.

Our currently-being constructed media room is the only place in the house we watch tv/movies. I will have all the equipment in a space behind a wall (under the stairs) with (normally closed) doors in front of it.

It seems I have two ways to go for remote control:
  1. Replace our current MX-500 remote with an RF/IR unit and put its receiver in the equip. closet. The front side of the equip. will be right by the doors, so I don't know if this will even work.
  2. Get an IR repeater system. These looked pretty expensive last time I checked them out. Also, I have a plasma and there were interference concerns with the IR receivers. The cable run would be very short (could even be less than 5', depending on the location of the receiver). This might be overkill for our situation.

So, what would you do, and what kind of cost would I be looking at?

Thanks for any input,
- LoopinFool