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just hooked with hdmi but question about SD channels please read

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hey guys i just hooked my TIME WARNER HD DVR with HDMI and it works great, and sound via optical works great too(to my S790 onkyo) , i have a question tho, in the HD DVR's setting menu where u can choose resolution, i can choose few at once, what does that mean? that if i choose say 480p and 1080i, it will know when i watch HD and will show it in 1080i and when i watch a standard defintion channel it will switch to 480p? am i right? if im right, 1080i and 480p is the best combanation or 480i will be better for standard definition? this is my TV btw: http://samsung.com/Products/TV/DLPTV/HLS5065WXXAA.asp
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please someone
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Patience. It's only been 1 day. I don't have your exact STB, but you need to tell your HD DVR that you have a 16:9 display and let it do the math.

I'm glad you posted the SamSung link. Your model is 720p, not 1080i. If you have your HD DVR set to 1080i output, your Samsung is scaling to 720p internally. I would instead set the STB for 720p as it's generally best to do the scaling at the source. You may not see any difference, but might be worth a shot. Your best quality picture will be on 720p material (mine is 1080i, since my Sammy is 1080i also).

I think your question is similar to my non-DVR STB's menu for 480, called "4:3 override". It's intended to change the aspect ratio for 4:3 material on a widescreen display. Just turn it OFF so you can view the material in its native format. You have a DLP display, so there's absolutely no concern whatsoever about letterbox burn-in like a CRT. Show it in the right aspect ratio and don't worry about the black bars on the side.
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no, u see, everybody tells me that since i got HDMI 1080i will give a better picture and it sure does look dam amazing on HD channels, the thing about SD channels is that they are stretched because in the HD DVR's settings i set it to STRETCH 4:3 Picture, theres also ZOOM and letter box, zoom looks awful and of course no one wants 2 bars on the sides so my only choice is stretch, even if i set it to 720 i still have to stretch SD channels, and i havent seen anywhere 4:3 override in the settings of the HD DVR, please give me a hand here
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I have a DCT6200/2005 non-DVR box. Sorry, I thought that moto DVR boxes were similar menus. There should be something there to figure out the stretching for 4:3 material, but I'm guessing. The manual for your box should be available on-line. If you can't find it, state your model and maybe someone can help find it for you on the internet (Motorola site).

You need more info here. Of course, the picture looks damn amazing. However, there's no way you can get a better picture than the limiting link in the chain. If you are getting 1080i material and displaying on a 1080i TV, it will look even more amazing. If you are viewing 1080i material on a 720p TV, it will only look somewhat amazing. That's the way it works.

The whole point of this HD stuff is to reproduce the material EXACTLY as the studios intended. When you stretch to fill, everything becomes distorted and it is very disturbing to watch. Great resolution, but it's all bent out of shape. Try to live with the black bars. You won't notice it after a while and really does nothing at all to hurt your DLP.

DVDs are 480p (non-interlaced), so they look great on either 720p or 1080i/p display. Movies are shot in widescreen mode to begin with- that's why they look so good on a widescreen TV.
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no way ill watch with black bars man, and i have the manual in my house for the DVR, what do u want me to look for in there?
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If you are happy without bars, then there's no point to continue. However, I urge you to check the many other postings in this forum about watching the picture in the aspect ratio intended.

I don't have this "choose a few" option mode in my menu. You want to look for something to tell your box what to do when you have a 4:3 picture. In my box, it's called "4:3 override". It tells the box to automatically stretch the picture based on 480i or 480p.

From my manual, which is probably different than your STB (Set Top Box):
4:3 Override:
Selects the DVI or YPbPr (Component video) output format of the DCT* when it is tuned to 4:3 standard definition programs. Defaults to 480i.

Options are OFF, 480i or 480p. If the DVI/YPbPr Output is set to 480i, this setting becomes redundant and defaults to OFF. This setting provides the ability to specify how 4:3 pictures are to be displayed on your TV. Most TV programming is 4:3 aspect ratio (square).

Selecting OFF will display regular TV programs that are 4:3 aspect ratio in widescreen format. If you have a widescreen TV, black bars will be placed on the left and right of the picture to fit your screen.

Selecting 480i will transmit TV programs that are not high definition in their original 480i format.
Look for something in your manual that says something similar. I can't help you because I don't have your model. It may be easier to just try different selections. Setup your STB for widescreen, then watch a "known" 4:3 channel and keep playing with the settings until you get what you want. Then, switch to an HD channel and see that the screen is filled out correctly (no black bars, no overscan).
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Ok, ill keep it stretched cuz i dont want bars u know, but i have another question, what is the recommanded resolution for SD channels? 480i or 480p? i can tell my HD DVR to change the resolution to either 480 p /i when i switch to a SD channel and change the resolution back to 1080i when i watch HD
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My Time Warner HD DVR is a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD. When connected to HDMI, all options are enabled (1080i,720p,480i,480p) and can't be turned off. I think it just passes through whatever resoultion the source is and your TV does any scaling needed. My SD channels PQ improved with HDMI over component. Check the SA8300HD threads in the HDTV Reception Hardware Forum for more information.
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yea i know all was checked but i unchecked them because i dont know whether 480i or 480p is better for SD channels, btw u have the SD channels stretched aswell yea? i believe u wont be watching with 2 darn bars in the sides
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Watching with black bars doesn't seem to bother most people nearly as much as watching with gray bars.

Most people actually do get used to them.

Does your set have something equivalent to a "just" mode? That's where it stretches the sides of the picture more than the center. A lot of people find that mode the most acceptable.
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no it doesnt have
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The black bars on my Sony SXRD (A2000) are so black, I sometimes forget that they are even there.

Depending on the program I am watching, I tend to prefer 4:3 stuff with bars, or I might use Widescreen Full Zoom which is the best of both worlds. It doesn't Zoom in to the point where things are obviously cut off, and it doesn't come close to the ridiculous Stretch modes that some people use.

Do you hate movies that have letterboxing on them too lamonsasa?
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yes i hate, and what d u mean widescreen full zoom? where is that option, my sammy doesnt have it? when i watch cable it only has 16:9 mode and 4:3(with bars..) mode
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