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Wii audio hookup question

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As we all know, the wii doesn't do optical out. Unfortunately, as I found out with the Nintendo Component cables, you can't seperate the audio red and white cables from the video ones.

This is a downfall since I can't reach my receiver with the audio cables.

So, has anyone opened up the nintendo component cables to see if you can seperate them? What I mean is just cutting open the insulation on the outside to hopefully find 5 seperate wires on the inside, and pulling the two audios out, and getting them in to the receiver? I don't want to have to buy another set of Wii Component cables.

Just wondering, as I could use the optical out of my TV to solve this issue too. Thanks.
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After my son opened the component cable box & showed me the audio & video setup on Christmas Day, we played with sound hooked up to his little 5" screen-attach-to-Game Cube speakers (the only thing that could fit in simply).... The next day, I bit the bullet and went to my local Radio Shack & bought 12' female-to-male cables to go from the red/white on the Wii component cable to my receiver. All in all, not a bad use of $12 , but I'm still a bit irked that Nintendo made me send Christmas Day without good sound.
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I use these with two rca cables to reach my receiver.
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Ah, good finds guys, thanks!
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My tv has a set of rca's under the component video for that position, so i just plugged them all up then outputted the rca's into my receiver with a 2nd set of rca cables.
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Shook you mentioned you have optical out from your tv. I would suggest just doing that. I have 1/8" out from my tv, which I run to my surround sound so I still get PL2. Otherwise just pick up some female to male RCA extensions like nomad did.
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