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Confused with Clibration

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I had calibrated my system with Avia before, but then I changed my surround speakers and replaced my Sony receiver with Panny XR57.
My setup now includes Ascend 340s for the front soundstage+Ascend 200s for the surrounds(They are small bookshelf speakers) + Mirage s12.
I calibrated the system with the receiver test tones on Panny57 and setup my surrounds +4db to level match with front soundstage. I thought this was ok because the 200s are a little less efficient than the 340s. According to Ascend website 340's sensitivity is 90db and 200s are 87db per 1 watt/1 meter)

I was trying to use Avia again today and the Avia test tones are very different. I had to setup my surrounds with +9db to level match with Avia test tones and they are still couple of DBs lower than the front speakers.

How can these 2 test tones be so different. I tried the receiver test tones again after calibrating with Avia and my surrounds are much higher than the front speakers per the Panny tones. I'm going crazy. I'm also little worried about damaging the surrounds by running them 9 to 10 db hotter.Can someone explain the difference?

PS- All the speakers are set to small and the xover is set at 80.
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I am having the same problem here is my thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=784121

I am beginning to think that it has something to do when the signal is processed from digital to analog. Not positive though still researching. Glad it's not just me!

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im not 100% sure about your receiver or AVIA...since i have a Denon and use DVE...but i know that the DVE outputs a tone at 80db and the denon at 75db...so if i were to think they were the same and then 'tested' using the other method i would always think i was off by 5db either way...hope this helps.
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Another update. I tried to up the surrounds by +11 but still can't match the front stage. I'm trying to calibrate with 70db and the surrounds can't get past 68. They stay the same at +11 or even +7 at 68 dbs. When I run the receiver test tones, I hear a significant difference when the surrounds are cranked up(the SPL meter shows it too).
I replaced the toslink with Coax, but result remain the same.

This is getting really interesting. May be I need to borrow DVE from someone and see if it will make a difference.
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all that matters is that you have something that is consistantly relative to itself...so if the receiver test tone works, and you know the spl of it, then go with that.
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Originally Posted by Sam1000 View Post

I'm also little worried about damaging the surrounds by running them 9 to 10 db hotter.

Keep in mind that you're not actually running them 9 to 10dB hotter than the fronts if you've calibrated them to the same level... they're the same, you've just boosted the gain a bit to make them such. You won't hurt them. The receiver is using a different noise-mix than Avia. Most people claim that the Avia mix is a more even pink noise than most receiver test tones; i dunno... but use whichever one works easiest for you. If one is giving you a problem and the other isn't, the solution is pretty much right there
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