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Help with Decor/Color

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I am looking for some recommendations. I have some really nice HT gear, but I don't have a dedicated theater room. I use my family room for my system comprised of mainly:

Sammy HL-S6187
Martin Logan Ascents, Cinema, Scripts, and Descent
Anthem AVM-50
B&K Reference 200.5
Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray
Cambridge Audio Azur 640H Music Server
PS Audio Power Director 4.7

As you can see from the link in my signature, I kind of have a boring oriental theme going now (I was stationed in Okinawa Japan). The walls are still white. I am trying to get ideas for some deco tips and some wall color ideas, even different wall treatments (i.e.....different color on bottom half of wall, etc...)

So, what do you all think??

Thanks for your input.

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Scott, from another Scott, yes you have to make some changes to your room as it is boring (your words!). Since there were 18 views already with no replies, I will be the first to comment.

So, before any reccomendations are made, is the theme that you started what you want t stay with? The reason I ask is because I have seen many rooms that are done with a Japanese style theme, and they typically will have lots of dark red and black in the colors. It's hard to do dark reds and blacks in a family room that is attached to a kitchen or anything else, so I don't want to tell you to just go out and do that. Instead, how about a deep red (not really dark) along with some bamboo colored accents? The bamboo color could be a sponge or white-wash type paint style (you can get info on all the different types of faux painting from most hardware stores or paint centers).

Now, that is if you want to simply paint the room. If you want to add some more texture, you could see what you can find in wall hanging rugs to go along with the color scheme, which will help with some of the reflections (you don't want to get rid of all the reflections with ML speakers, SandmanX found that out with his dedicated HT).
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To Scott and Scott from yet another Scott. The red would work really well in that room and would go well with all your existing decor and equipment. I painted my basement with a Ralph Lauren paint called "Burnt Umber". You can see it by clicking on my sig. You might think it looks dark but it's not really. It's very warm and enviting. I would seriously consider this color. BTW nice setup. I love the Martin Logans.
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I just had to say that. Please continue.
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Originally Posted by Dssquared View Post

I just had to say that. Please continue.

And I thought we'd get thru this "Scott free"
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Hey, here is the result of his questions:

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This Scot would like to recommend crown moulding.
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I don't think this room is really that boring. Big white crown molding would be nice. I'm going to post a picture of the color scheme we picked as it's close to the colors you already have in your room. (Cowprint is for ottoman)

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