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Ordered my first two subs... SB12+ and Titanic 10"

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I'm building both a music-only bedroom system system and a small HT system, so I needed a couple of subs. For the bedroom system, I ordered the Titanic MkIII 10" kit for $288 shipped, but they've been out of stock for weeks and they keep pushing the ETA date out. This will be paired with a pair of NHT Absolute Zeros that are on their way.

The HT system I plan to build out with five Mirage Omnisats. I found this forum a couple days ago and it didn't take me long to hone in on the SVS SB12+. I just ordered a B-stock in piano black. I chose the SB12+ for its size and (from what I've read) ability to do music as well as HT. I feel a little more with a sealed design. I'm really much more into music than HT and would like to occasionally move the SB12+ down into my main music-only system in a (large) living room. I've never had a sub there before, just a pair of Dynaudio Special Twenty-Fives standmount monitors that do quite well down to about 35Hz on their own. I've just sent in my Tact S2150 amp in for an upgrade to XDM status, which adds automatic room correction DSP, so it will be interesting to see the Tact help integrate the SB12+ with the Dyns in the room. The big question is if the SB12+ is going to do much for my large living room (10,000 cu-ft).

I was tempted by the Rocket ULW-10 for about $200 less with the audioholics special deal, but I just couldn't cope with the single RCA input jack and no speaker-level inputs. I wouldn't have been able to use it in my main music system.

I was also looking at the Mirage subs (S12 for $500 shipped), but couldn't find enough user feedback. Also too large.
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For the size and for the money, the sb12+ seems to be a real winner. By all accounts it is hard to beat it square inch for square inch--for the same money. Obviously you can get more depth and more output out of much larger subs for similar money. To get close to its performance in a similar sized tiny enclosure, it will soct much more--upwards of $1000. Now to truly fill a 10000 cubic foot room to reference levels, you are going to need way more sub than that, multiples of much larger and much more expensive subs. However placed nearfield you can get some decent performance out of it. Again dollar for dollar in a sub that size you have done well and about as well as you can.
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ephemere... I got the SB12+ Rosenut at about the same time Friday evening. Frankly, I thought the prices might be too low... I hope they're not too scratched-up!
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I thought I might get the maple, but it was gone when I looked again, so I paid an extra $50 for the piano black. Some people bought a B-stock SVS sub and reported perfect condition, so I'm not worried. Their website said that if a B-stock listing doesn't have any explanation then it's a customer return. I like the fact that they discount customer returns rather than selling them as new. It seems like every time I buy anything on the internet these days, even if advertised as "factory sealed" I get something that was previously sold, opened, unpacked, repacked, and returned.
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Ah, it were you folks who bought all those SB12+ subs. I wanted to buy the vinyl black, but it as gone quickly. I hope they offer these for the same prices again. When you get your SB12+, can you check if the auto-on function works when the volume is low? Thanks.
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Sorry, just saw your post now. I'd be happy to check out anything you'd like with the SB12+ when I get it. It probably won't be for at least a week because I'm across country and I don't think SVS has shipped it, yet. (At least I didn't get any email from them.) Wait a week or so and then PM me to remind me.
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