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Sanyo Z4 Warrenty Problems

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Hello just to let everyone no about Sanyo's so called warrenty. I purchased a Z4 in Aug 2006. Since then the projector has developed burn-in on both sides of the screen. I contacted Sanyo and they said they would be happy to fix the problem but that it would not be covered on warrenty. I have tried projecting a white screen for about 16 hr, no effect. Does any one know how to fix this? Can the blue panel be changed by myself.
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We're not getting the whole story here. Why is it not being covered under warranty? Are you the original purchaser, and was the projector purchased from an authorized reseller in the country you wish to have it serviced in?
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Hello. I'm the original purchaser, bought from authorized deal in Canada. Sanyo Canada says I have warrenty but this is not covered.
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Please describe how the "burn-in" occurred. Watching 4:3 TV shows, playing games...??? Can you post a picture showing the burn-in? How many hours are on the PJ?
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Just over 1000 hrs, I watch mostly 4:3, don't have a digatal camera but the picture is darker on the sides right where the black bar are when watching 4:3. Not real dark but noticable when projecting light images like the sky.
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Does it show on the blue screen when you have no source connected (or they are turned off)?
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Sorry I was wrong I just checked and there is a slight discoloration when the blue screen is on.
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Does it show when you have the blue screen (no input) and bring up the menu and move the menu to different spots on the screen?
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Sounds like it is memory retention on the panels. Most info on the web says this is not permanent. I'd use a stretch mode for 4:3 stuff to fill the whole screen and see if it goes away after a few weeks. I wouldn't waste bulb hours projecting a white screen. Seems like you must be running your PJ around 8 hours a day from my calculations... that's a lot! Seems like by most accounts LCDs are happier when used just a few hours a day. I had a Z1 and only put 750 hours on in 3 years! I now have a Z4 but have barely started using it. Good luck!
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While this shouldn't be permanent, it would stink if it were and Sanyo didn't step to the plate. I'm at work but was able to download the manual -- no warnings about 4:3 material as there is with newer widescreen CRT RPTVs. The manual doesn't contain warranty information. Check out the warranty and see if there are exclusions for this sort of problem. If not I'd demand a written response as to which part of the contract (warranty) they're relying on to deny your claim.
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It took weeks in my case to get rid of it and I do use the projector for 8 hours a day so it's not surprising to hear that it didn't go away in 16 hours. Give it time and keep using stretch modes. It will eventually go away on it's own...
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