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DCT6416 III setup?

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I wasnt present when the cable guy dropped by with this and set it up..

Under Diag mode it shows DVI/ybrblah has 720p ... should this be at 1080i?

Everything i have watched "HD" im pretty sure has been in 720p mode...

Now i know some shows are just 720p and have to deal with that..

But do I need to change anything in setup of the box to 1080i to make it work?

Insight's configuration seems to be pretty cruddy, and is there a direct configuration menu for the box itself, not through the cable company, to change the video support the box will output at? I noticed the setup button on my remote doesnt do jack.

I have firmware 12.31 (insights to disable 30 second skip)
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Never mind, im dumb... while here at work, found the manual PDF... front panel menu button is what i need to play with...

See if this does anything for me...

Getting it to work via firewire was actually pretty easy to do... now if 5C could um, get filtered out...
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