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JPEGs in Hi-Def?

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I not only want to rip DVDs and CDs to HDD for playback, I also want to be able to view from my thousands of JPEGs on my HiDef plasma TV. Most of the media servers I've seen only display JPEGs at standard def (480i/p) - but I haven't looked at them all.

It appears that the DLink DSM-750 might do this for me. The reviews of the Acoustic Research DMP3000 also say it can display photos at 1080i. I can't tell whether the TVIX boxes display JPEGs at full HD res, or just standard res upscaled (like DVDs get upscaled).

Anything else already on the market that can display JPEGs in at least 720P?

Additionally (and this is what kills the DLink and AR for me), I'd prefer something that had its own built-in storage so I don't have to keep my home computer on all the time (it's in another room). I was really intrigued by the Eureka LX351, but there doesn't seem to be any real discussion of that box here. At about $130 plus HDD of your choice, it seems like a cost-effective server. Is this just too new, or have there been problems with Eureka as a company?

thanks in advance.
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Sorry about replying to my own post, but I just read Apple's specs on their website, and they claim the AppleTV not only can display photos at HD resolutions, but that you can access them via iPhoto for Macs and Photoshop Elements for Windows.

If that means I can use the metadata tagging I've already setup with Photoshop Elements to choose which photos to view, that alone may be enough reason to get this box. Anyone know for sure?
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