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10 inch car subs?

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I'm looking to put two 10 inch subwoofers in my son's extended cab p/u. They will go under the back seat. So far, I have it narrowed down to maybe 5 different brands. In checking specifications, what are the 3 or 4 most important specs to compare? Xmax, spl, rms, Vas or what? Where is a good resource to maybe read up on some of these specification terms and learn what they are/mean?

The one's I am looking at are: Elemental Designs (they have a "slim" design), Fi car audio, Mach5, Ascendant Audio's Assassin and Parts Express Quatro Pro. I'm not planning on spending more than $150.00 or so for both of them. How do these compare to some of the more common name brand stuff such as Rockford Fosgate, MB Quart, Alpine, etc, that I see at most brick and mortar stores. I plan on installing this myself.

I'm also looking at buying an amplifier for around $100.00 or so to power them. Any suggestions there. The one's I have been looking at are from Parts Express, but I know next to nothing about any of this stuff, so suggestions are welcome (the more, the merrier).

I will "try" to build my own enclosure for it. Really looking for good, loud sound for the buck type of thing.

thx, Frank
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I haven't used the Quatro, but I have 2 of the Dayton DVC 12" subs. (295-185) I have been very pleased with the Dayton products. I plan on trying a Dayton Quatro if I build another car sub.

Which PE amp are you looking at?
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Well, the main ones I have been looking at are in PE's catalog. The PE tech actually sort of suggested a "Dual" amp. I know their latest flyer has a "Buttkicker" amp on buyout sale for $99.00. Also, they have "Lanzar" and "Phoenix Gold". I have been looking at these amps in the $100 to $120 or 30 dollar range.

The "buttkikcker" is made specifically for a little "silent" type of subwoofer or something (possibly a shaker of some sort?). I am not sure how it would do with regular woofers?

Also, a local shop here was pushing a Phoenix Gold amp that runs $300 which is a little steep for me. I think it was rated for 600 watts X 1 or something like that.

I do have a 15 inch Quatro in my HT set up and it seems to do very good which is why I have included the 10" Quatro. But was just looking at something different that I might try.

I haven't yet measured the dimensions under the seat, so am not real sure how much depth I will have for the enclosure. That is one reason I was looking at the elemental designs woofer since it is only 3" in depth.

Thx, Frank
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What exactly are you looking for in a sub-stage?
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Sorry, nabot, I'm not real sure of your question as I do not understand the term you used, "sub-stage". For now, I have really been considering the 10 inchers from Mach5 Audio. I am planning to get two of them. They are dual voice coils with a 250 watt handling capability.

I am now actually looking for am amplifier that can give them 500-700 watts into one channel for relatively cheap. I would prefer to stay under $150 but am finding that hard to do. Do you have any suggestions?

Appreciate any help you can give me. These still might be a couple months away as money is tight (some things have come up, but what else is new ?)

Thx, Frank
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I would like to help you out with this but I need a little more information first. When you are choosing a sub you need to decide which matters more, sound pressure or sound quality. Sound quality is obviously the clarity if the bass produced. Sound pressure level which is volume and changes in pressure produced by the speaker.

The amp you buy also depends on the sub you buy and how many ohms you are planning to wire it for.
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Check out Crutchfield's site for a glossary and some good tutorials, they even have videos of basic installations.

It sounds like you're talking about the SQ10s from Elemental Designs, I'd go with those based on where you're putting the box.

As far as the amp goes, keep in mind you also need an amplifier installation kit (power wire, RCA cable, fuse, etc.). You didn't mention the rest of the system. How is he powering the stereo (door) speakers? If you're just adding subs to a factory system, 500w into 2 10" subs is really going to overpower stock speakers. And if you get into replacing the door speakers and an amp for those, that sounds like it's more than your budget will allow. You might think about a single sub, unless you're ok with doing the stereo in stages.. or increasing your budget.

Here's what I'd do based on your budget
1. Good head unit + decent coaxial speakers
($99 mp3 decks are everywhere, $50 can get you decent stereo speakers)
2. One ED SQ10 in a ported box (more output than a sealed box)
3. One 4 channel amp, PE example: PHOENIX GOLD R5.0:4
-80x2 for stereo speakers, bridge rear channels for 250x1 for a single SQ10

That would give you a nice budget system without skimping on anything. I'd suggest getting the ported box built locally, having a solid box with a properly tuned port will squeeze the most out of your budget.

I'll be honest and say that while you might be able to spend less, $500-$550 is a very realistic price range for everything. I can't post links, but if you PM me I can point you to a few sites so you'll get the most for your money. Let me know what year, make, and model the truck is, too.
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Cicatriz and HTtom, thx. This set up is for my son's pickup, not mine/me. I think he mostly wants spl and not necessarily sq. I think the Mach5 10's probably fit that bill. They are dual voice coils, 4 + 4 ohms with the capability of 250 watt handling. So, I am really looking at an amp that can power 500-700 watts into one channel and I am thinking a normal 4 ohm load. Does this make sense? I am not planning on wiring them in stereo. This is not for earsplitting sound or competition. Just everyday listening.

Actually, we just installed a brand new head unit and speakers a couple-three months ago, purchased from Crutchfield. H.U. is the Pioneer DEH 6800 with Infinity Kappa front speakers and a couple of Pioneers (I think, can't really remember) to fill in the rears. He also hard wired the ipod adapter to it. No amp for the h.u. So, he's pretty much set, except for the subs.

Right now, I am trying to go as inexpensive as possible on the amp (a couple of unexpected expenses came up the same weekend I was ready to order the subs, so had to put that off ($2000.00 vet bill)).

Like I said, I was hoping to get something around $150, but now am not real sure if I can find what I'm looking for at/near that price.

I did look at ED's SQ 10, but really like the Mach5's (although, I am still subject to change). I plan on building the enclosure myself. It will go under the back seat of his Chev P/U 1500 (not a lot of room, I know).

Again, Thx, Frank
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I am not sure if you know something I don't but as far as I know it is not a good idea to run more than one sub per channel. You are also going to have a hard time finding an amp that will produce that much power at 4 ohms for the price your price range. I really think you should look for an amp that produces around 250W rms across two channels. I know you are asking for a mono amp, but I don't really understand why you want one for two subs. I would point you in the direction of something that I think would suit your project, but my account is still too new to post URLs.

You should also think about getting the Elemental Design speakers. I have been looking at the specs and the volume required for the enclosure is really small and better suited for a truck. If you could get me a link for information on the mach5's I could give you some more information.
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I know I asked this before, but what year is his Chevy PU? I ask because you can get angled boxes that fit behind the seats, or possibly one that's made for the specific model year and built to fit under the seats. They're not all expensive, you just have to know where to buy from. I realize you've said you plan on building the box, but you should at least see what options are out there (and what they cost) before you decide what to buy.
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HTtom, the pickup is an extended cab 1994 Chevy. I will look for sub enclosures a little more.

Cicatriz, as I said, I am new and may be misunderstanding/misinterpreting things I am reading/being told. I thought setting up the system to run a single channel would be easier/better, but, maybe not? Is finding an amp for single channel quite a bit more expensive than for two channel?

Let me quote a manufacturer's response to my setup question concerning two subs:

"If you plan to get two subs, you have the choice of wiring them together for a "single channel" system or separately for a 2 channel- left and right. For amplification, it is usually best to match power with the handling of the driver, or a bit more to ensure clean power delivery. In the case of 250 watt handling, seek out an amp capable of providing 250-350 watts per channel OR 500-700 watts into one channel.

"If you want to wire them for stereo operation, seek out an amplifier that is stable to 2 Ohms (1 Ohm stable can get expensive). For a single channel unit (as per the link above) (this is referring to one of Crutchfield's sub/amp hookup diagrams), a normal 4 Ohm load amp will suffice."

And the link you requested is www.mach5audio.com.

Thx, for any/all help. Frank
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The problem with running them on one channel is that every time you ad something to the channel you divide the impedance in half. Running two dual voice coil subs would probably be running at 1 ohm. Impedance is really the problem with cost. If you can find an amp that will produce 250 w at 2 ohms in two channels, that would be ideal. Then again, I wouldn't advise you get the subs you are looking at to begin with. The quality does not look all that great. It doesn't say what they are made of in the text, but it looks like the cone is actually made of paper which means that they probably wont last that long.

To be honest, it doesn't seem like you are taking the best approach for bass, which is fine. It doesn't seem like you have much experience in this area so you are bound to make some mistakes.

One of the mistakes is the idea that more subs will produce better or louder sound. I would suggest looking into a single sub, maybe a 10 inch Alpine type r and a mono amp that can produce a matched rms at 2 ohms. The whole setup should run around $250 if you are willing to buy on ebay and it will put out great bass.

If you still want to do a two sub setup, let me know how much you are willing to spend and I will help you find some better subs. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
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Originally Posted by gimpy View Post

HTtom, the pickup is an extended cab 1994 Chevy. I will look for sub enclosures a little more.

Check your PMs, I came up with a few options for you. One is $250 for a single SQ10, the other is $350 for two Rockford Fosgate 10" subs (both are in boxes made for his model year). Both include the same amp, I explained the wiring details in the PM. That amp is a great price, I'd get that ASAP before someone else does.

Good luck!
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