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Multi-channel amp recommendations for my DIY subs

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Ok, here is the situation.

I have built 4 DIY subs and am using two bass shakers. Now I need to upgrade my amplification. I bought a Behringer 2 channel amp to drive 2 of the subs.

That still leaves me needing 4 channels of amplification for my other two subs and my two buttkickers. I have an old Marantz receiver I am using right now, but am looking to upgrade to a dedicated amplifier. Any recommendations for a decent budget multichannel amp? I guess I could buy two more Behringers, but this is starting to take up a lot of room in the rack.

Any recomendations?
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If you're into DIY you could try a few of the UCD modules. They're supposedly good with low impedance loads, such as a sub. The multichannel powersupply is $195 which powers up to 5 of the ucd400's which are 400 watts into 4ohms, 200 into 8 and cost about $150 a pop. Then you'd just need to add modules as needed, for the buttkickers you could probably even use the ucd 180's which are 180 into 4ohms, and cost under $100 each module. So say, 2 ucd 400s, multichannel ps, 2 ucd 180s, and a transformer, plus have the room for one more channel down the road for about $800. Not a bad option, might be a bit more than you want to spend though, what's your budget?

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Buttkicker amps on sale at Parts Express for $100.
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Or do that ^^ for $100
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Originally Posted by stevdart View Post

Buttkicker amps on sale at Parts Express for $100.


Where did you see that on PE's website. I can't find them listed anywhere. I'd like to pick up a pair of them. Thanks.

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It was printed on the back page of the flyer I just got less than a week ago. I figured if they decided to put it into print, then they must have a pretty good supply of them. I entered the part number in search because I didn't see it on the site either.

EDIT idiot: Oops, oh yeah, this is 12 volt. Duh.
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You could get two Behringer A500s for $360.
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QSC makes a few four channel amps, but they are pricy. You can get this Carvin amp (http://www.carvin.com/products/singl...CM1204&CID=PWA) for the four channels you need. Or you could get two of the HD900 Carvin amps. You could also pick up two of the Buttkicker mono amps (Home versions) and run them at two ohms.

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Thanks everyone for the advice! Somehow missed the buttkicker amp sale. (I live about 20 minutes from the partsexpress retail location, so I can go pick them up today!).

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Oops. Just read further and checked out the flyer--car amps as noted above. I will check out the other recommendations.
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I'd second the motion on buying the Buttkicker BKA-1000's...particularly for the shakers. They need beucoup horsepower and the load on them necessitates some serious juice. The Behringer A-500's mentioned are great amps for the $$ (I have 5 of them) but they won't run anything below 8 ohms bridged. 2 of the BK-1000's would do the trick and won't eat up too much rack space.
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