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Theater Rack

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Hi all I am building a home theater as we speak and have an area that I can fit all the equip in the wall. My problem is I cant seem to find any good options for adjustable shelves. I have 24" to work with width wise but could go down to 18". Height is easily adjustable. What I guess I am really looking for is some sort of adjustable rack systems on the side and shelving. I will leave the back open as I will have access through a door to get to the equipment.


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I also made my own equipment rack, I was able to get Black Melamine. Try Lumber yard or Paneling store, it was a special order in my case. He also gave me 3 names of people who would cut the boards to the sizes i needed. I order 4 sheets it was cut and drilled for $60.00, to the sizes i requested sides, tops shelfs. Made 2 units side by side also used the Krylon spray paint for the back of the Rack it made a perfect match for the moldingl the scrap pieces of Melamine when its time I will used it for molding around the Racks. It is built-into the wall with the back open for now, also Made a square of 2x6s for base filled in the top with 2x4s. No pictures at this time.
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