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My setup is best

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I have the best setup. 3 gaming computers with 3 19" lcd monitors. Very expensive. I spent about $1,000 just on the 3 lcd monitors. I spent about $1,000 just on windows xp. Thats $2,000 and thats not even the important stuff.

The pics are at www.xanga.com/productreviews2

And yes i did mod an xbox controller to my computer.

The specs for all 3 are here.

computer 1=
amd athlon 64 3500+, cd rom drive, 2gb of kingston ram, msi k8n motherboard, 160gb hard drive, ati radeon x1600pro, raidmax ninja pc case, 450 watt power supply

computer 2=
amd athlon 64 3500+, cd rom rewriteable, 2gb of corsair ram, msi k8n sli motherboard, 200gb hard drive, xfx geforce 6800 xtreme, MGE Viper case, 400 watt power supply

computer 3=
amd athlon 64 x2 4200+ AM2, dvd rom drive combo, 2gb OCZ ram, asus m2n4 sli motherboard, 300gb hard drive, evga geforce 7600gt, beige pc case as of now upgrading soon, 550 watt power supply, logitech z-4 speakers
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Joke post right?
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no thats my real specs dude. I am thinking about getting a 4th pc thats dual core.
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No, joke post that you were serious about having the best of anything. I actually thought you were being facetious. Anyway, as long as you are happy, but judging from your setup, you're in serious need of some humility.
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What do you mean?

My 3rd build is almost as good as an core 2 duo e6300.
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$1000 on windows xp???? did you buy 8 copies for 3 computers?
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no i got the retail windows xp home edition sp2. it was $600 for all 3 computers.
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With Vista coming out in the next several weeks XP will go the way of 98 in the next few years.
I do not understand what you are comparing your system(s) to for the title of the thread you chose.
They are nice systems but not "best" in general.
Using "best" in the computer world only lasts a few weeks but if best is a referral to the best you could put together for your purposes, choices and use I am happy for you. Enjoy the sysems.
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Your setup is best!?

Fourth PC ...WOW I only have two. Yes your setup is best.
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I hope you're fifteen 'cause that's the only way you could justify believing what you say. Spending more doesn't equate to being better. It just means your wallet weighs less.
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I am, like, impressed.

So...you are saying that, out of the ~$6.5 billion people on the planet, you have the "best setup" - better then anyone else? What exactly is it the best setup for?

Should we call Guinness World Records?
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going from Akto's thread to this thread = priceless
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Originally Posted by NewOrlnsDukie View Post

going from Akto's thread to this thread = priceless

my thoughts exactly!!!
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Wow, I actually laughed.
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"Best" eh?....
Read my post... (going up in ~5min)
-Tux's TBird
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Now wait just a minute. Give the guy some credit. He does have the Bond series on VHS
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The kid hasn't posted in three weeks. I don't think he's coming back.
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LOL. Typical fake bragging on the internet.
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My setup is best. Two blue-rays, a 70 inch TV, 14 speakers, 4 subs, etc.
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Originally Posted by flags View Post

My setup is best. Two blue-rays, a 70 inch TV, 14 speakers, 4 subs, etc.

Aw hell nah. Mine got a 1080p24 projector in a 2.35 200ft wide projector screen with
a 7.1 receiver, amp, pre amp, 11.4 speaker setup, blu-ray, hd-dvd, and all monster
cables because they make your video into super high definition.
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this thread would be funny if it wasn't so sad...
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well it stinks that your 2nd and 3rd computers are better than my first..
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Dude, this thread is not cool and I'm pretty sure my PC owns yours and it's not even that great anymore (a year ago, she was near top).

Antec P180
AMD Athlon X2 4400 @ 2.6 Ghz
DFI Lanparty Ultra-D
OCZ Platinum Rev. 2 1 GB kit Timings 2-2-2-5
ATI X1800XT @ 700/1600
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
OCZ PowerStream 420
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Think i can beat it too:

CM Stacker case 700w PSU
intel QX6700
2gb pc1066 ram
Asus P5b-deluxe
GeForce 8800GTS
4x 500gb SATA2
2x 250gb SATA2
2x 24" Samsung LCDs

So, yeah, keep trying. And mine is considered budget nowdays.

PS. I don't think i spent much of anything on my OS...
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nice system, it's probably still blazingly fast. i almost bought an x2 4400 system back in the day..
the x6700 is over-priced
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Well I'll post my specs too

Core 2 Duo e6700
2 GB corsair 6800 DDR2
1GB readyboost flash drive
evga nvidia 680i motherboard
leadtek winfast 8800 GTS video card
Dual 250gb SATAII hard drives in raid 0
Samsung 24" LCD
Windows Vista Premium
Office 2007 Professional

This was fun!
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Amdfanboy, are you a botter?
a friend of mine have 6 PCs and basically he farms mmorpg Gold for a living O_O"
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Nice setup. Guess you have some awesome multiplayer fights with friends. Happy for you.

thecodeman's setup seems like the one I consider buying this fall (by then it's hardly "best", though)...
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Originally Posted by btf1980 View Post

Joke post right?

VHS versus BETA

Fool me once shame on you!
Fool me twice shame on me!

Not George Bush for sure.

I shall wait a year and see which format wins out.
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Now that is something else.
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