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Speakercraft MZC-66: Use RCA wires instead of Speakerwire?

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I made a mistake in the wholehouse cable run. I correctly ran the LAN cable for the keypads/IR transmission, and I ran really high quality RG6 cable for the video signal, but I forgot to lay Speakerwire to carry the audio signals. I mistakenly thought I could split the RG6 into RCA (red and White) and yellow video cables. It carrys sound as SATTV and CATV right?

Now, I want to ask, is it possible to exchange RCA (right and left, red and white) cables for the those four (positive and negative and right and left channel) speaker wire cables to each room? The problem is that here in Taiwan (I am and American Expat working in Taipei) the construction guys make solid brick interior walls and make the pipes running through the house only a little bit larger than the pipes you need. I think about 3 cm only or a little more than an inch in diameter. RCA cables are very small and only two wires right and left. I think I might need to add power for the longer runs? The longest run is about 50 feet. Perhaps I can still run Speakerwire, but would it be fine to choose the smallest in diameter, or would the quality be too bad.

Finally, why the heck does Speakercraft make it yellow video and speakerwire out? I mean whose little LCD TV in the bathroom or kitchen or childrens room have speakerwire in for the sound? I guess it is because over long cable runs speakerwire is best? But how to solve the problem for inputting speakerwire into TV that only accepts RCA cables?

Thanks in advance for your help. I would have called Speakercraft but I figured this wasn't really a porblem with their product and they are off work already anyhow.

Thanks again!
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I have a wiring diagram where an integrator showed me how to convert speaker-level (amplified) to line-level using capacitors and resistors. You might be able to down-convert to line-level so you can carry it over your RCA, then re-amplify it on the other end. No idea what that does to the SQ, I was using it for HA announcements where that's not an issue.
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Just purchased 200 meters of speaker wire. The electrician said there is still space for speakerwire. However, once the speakerwire gets to my TV, there is no speakerwire connection on the TV, I have to put RCA jacks on the ends of the speakerwires to plug them into the TV for the sound. The guy at the shop said this would work. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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