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Barco Data 600

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Hello all! I just aquired a data 600 and was wondering, when I start it up should I see any light or picture without any connections? I can switch it to the blue red and green graph to adjust, but no picture.

I also need to know how to hook this thing up to my dvd player, computer, etc. I have the huge input box to adjust the input and brightness and so on, but how do I hook everything up?

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I suggest that you read this very informative guide before getting started. It will answer most of your current and future questions.

Some model specific information here. http://www.curtpalme.com/Barco400.shtm

There are also a few more advanced guides at Curt's site.

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You need to plug in the output from the huge input box (probably a RCVDS400 or the like) to the projector. It will not work without the control cable (a serial cable).
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You get the test pattern on the screen so I believe you've got that little box with adjusts for brightness, contrast etc. for your Barco. If not, no problem, there are just a few standard pots and switches inside there and it's easy to build yourself. Look at the service manuals for schematics.

The test pattern itself is just a RGB signal fed into the barco internally, so your Barco seems to work just fine. But there is one clue you need to know: All of them have two "VIDEO" bnc connectors, but in standard 600 and 400 models these have no function - you might have one of the many "RGB-only"-models. So try to feed a RGB signal into the Barco. Remember that he needs RGB-S (composite sync, negative polarity) on only _one_ sync connector, thus called "composite sync". Search for epanorama on google for schematics if you don't know how to get an composite sync with negative polarity from your VGA connector, i am not allowed to post a link in here yet :-(.

Hope that helps, otherwise you can contact me.

P.s: Sorry, I believe I didn't read your message carefully enough. The first thing to to is to connect the RCVDS using the 15pin connector on the barco and the RCVDS. As fas as i know, this cable is internally connected 1:1, so pin1 on pin1 and so on. Then you should be able to get the test grid by activating the switch on the convergence board with all tubes G2 switches turned on. If that works, you can connect the RGB-S inputs of your Barco either with your RCVDS and use the RCVDS inputs or directly connect an RGB-S signal into the barco. You find the schematics to connect an VGA signal from your PC to your barco on the website mentioned above. It's in the category "Circuits - Computer".
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it seems you know much of this stuff. i just got a free barca data 600 but it does not power on. I tried different cables but nothing works it does nothing do you a specific cable that is needed for the power or is the projector just broking. i also have a RCVDS this works perfect but i don't know how to hook everything up and there are other stuff that they gave me. i don't think i have all the cables to connect everything but i need to know how i can test the projector so i know if it works or not otherwise im just wasting time.

Thxs anyway manuel
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A barco 600 will power up with just a power cord and the power switch on the back turned on. If not, then a fuse is blown somewhere or the power supply is bad. See the links on my website above. I've thrown out everything for the 600, but I do have one chassis here (that's been out in the rain since Christmas) that hasn't gone in the dumpster yet.

This set is from 1986, so really it's not worth putting a lot of money into it if the power supply is bad.
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