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Better reception w/ my ATI HDTV Wonder?

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I am trying to tweak the reception from my basement office for a particular channel (FOX). I have an ATI HDTV Wonder and am using the antenna that came with it. I stretch the coax cable across my basement over to a window on the other side of the house (in the direction of the station I'm trying to get) and can get it intermittently. I think the signal strength is 30-40%.

Am I better off:

1) Running the cable outside to get it higher, or
2) Buying a better indoor antenna?

I currently only get 3 networks (Fox, ABC, PBS) and would really like to get the other major networks, too.

Am willing to spend $50-$100 if it will do that.

Your help is appreciated.
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Depends on the distance to the towers.

You can try a better indoor antenna, then may have to go with an outdoor setup. Look up your antenna needs at antennaweb.
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As far as I can tell:

26 miles (41 km) (22 nautical miles)

I will look at antennaweb. Thanks.
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According to AntennaWeb, I want one that will handle the "blue - uhf" frequencies, or as they put it, a "larger directional antenna".

So where do I go for a recommendation on which actual antenna to buy? Is there a place like that on their site?

Edit: all I could find was this:


that has a picture w/ dif't color codes. The antennas in the store are supposed to have these codes on the boxes...
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please copy and paste your antenna web results se we may assist
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Here it is. Sorry if it is not in the right format. I'm trying to get Fox-43.

Type Call Sign Channel Network City Compass
Orientation Miles
From Frequency
yellow - uhf
WITF-DT 33.3 PBS HARRISBURG 55° 8.6 36
yellow - uhf
WLYH-DT 15.1 CW LANCASTER 100° 27.3 23
yellow - vhf
WHP-DT 21.1 CBS HARRISBURG 55° 8.6 4
yellow - vhf
WHTM-DT 27.1 ABC HARRISBURG 33° 4.5 10
blue - uhf
WPMT-DT 43.1 FOX YORK 138° 25.6 47
blue - uhf
WGAL-DT 8.1 NBC LANCASTER 139° 24.5 58
violet - uhf
WGCB-DT 30.1 IND RED LION 149° 32.1 30
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I bought the Radio Shack 15-1892 indoor antenna and Fox came in fine. If anyone thinks I can do better, please post. Otherwise, problem solved.

(I think. I hope!)
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