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A true 'bat cave' theater

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I was just searching for HT images and ran across this:


I'd hate to dust this room.
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Holy Stalagtites, Batman! I tend to like hanging out in the basement but this takes it to a whole new level! Very cool find.

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I would hang one of those white bat guy thingies on the wall and call it The Descent Theater.
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wow, nice. Wonder how it sounds in the bat cave though...i am really curious!
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I think he needs my Bat-Cade I built for the lobby.
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Found these pics as I was browsing through the Elite HTS website. Way Cool!
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Wow. Speechless.

That is freakin' awesome.
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Man, That room is unbelievable. Must have cost a fortune.
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The seating alone would be $40k, if it was real. Looks like a rendering to me. Look at the "identical" equipment racks on both sides of the room... hmmm...
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May look cool if real, but what about the acoustics??
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That is clearly a rendering, but looks cool anyway! I bet acoustics would be pretty good actually due to the diffusion.
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Oh, the ones on the CE Pro web site look real. I was referring to the other images.
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By the way, the Elite HTS looks like a great product. I'm considering buying a row of seats but I can't find any reviews on the net or testimonials in the forums (no local dealer).
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Originally Posted by bqmeister View Post

...I'd hate to dust this room.


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