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Yes, same thing occurs for me on that channel, so it's in the system. Not a channel I would normally dial in though.
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(ref: WYBE-DT Channel 35) Same here. I don't normally watch this channel, but I had a guest over who wanted to watch it. Verizon responded to me this morning stating that they "fixed" it, but with some distortion remaining. Looks even worse, with a lot of "stutter". I asked them to take another crack at it... http://www.dslreports.com/forum/rema...6~start=80#end

On a side-topic, it's seems like "dialing-in" to a channel and "rewinding" the DVR should somehow be rephrased. I had a friend's kid take a slide rule to class for show and tell- he explained how it was used by the "ancient people"...
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Update on WYBE-DT, Channel 35:
I just got a response from Verizon. They will be contacting the provider. Since the OTA picture is OK, it may not be at the provider's end and they may send out a tech to isolate the problem. They will keep me posted and thanked me for my patience.
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Not quite from the abacus era, but I went through college with a slide rule carried every day! So, I'll consider another misnomer for changing the channels...I no longer call the remote control a "clicker"!!!

The sound on the early basketball game on CBS high def was awful, constantly changing levels throughout the game.
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I live outside Pottstown (in Bucktown), PA and DirecTv. Like the service for the most part, but it is killing me not to have Comcast Sportsnet to see the Phillies. Bu I DESPISE Comcast and will not pay for their service.

We were one of the later areas to get Verizon DSL when the rolled it out, I was hoping it would be different for FIOS. Anyone know any details of Verizon's roll-out schedule for FIOS?
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Congrats on your first post. Enjoy. Did you check your phone number with Verizon's on-line database, http://www22.verizon.com/Content/FiOSTV/? That's the first step.

However, if you don't get any answers here, try the Verizon FiOS TV forum over on broadband reports.com, http://www.dslreports.com/forum/vzfiostv. There are a number of contributors who monitor both forums (including me as GeekGirl1 over there).

The AVS forum is focused on absolute perfection when it comes to all things home theater. For questions about your displays, audio, configurations, etc. this is the place. Broadband reports is more of a general interest, so there's not much overlap. However, they have a much larger user community. There's also a Verizon FiOS Internet forum (check the tab at the top of the threads).
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An article in Saturday's Inquirer about Verizon FiOS http://www.philly.com/inquirer/busin...structure.html (The previous one was about ComCast, maybe they are balancing the reporting.)

Article summarizes the hoops that Verizon must jump through in order to bring the FiOS infrastructure into multifamily buildings. Verizon claims that it's not a case of discrimination, just a level of difficulty to get approval. Another point is that they have several solutions available to appease the building owners in terms of acceptable equipment installations.
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Interesting that they are now developing a smaller network terminal instead of the bulky one that we are strapped with outside our homes. Bit late for us, but why wasn't this considered earlier? The installation tech told me that they are soon going to deliver a much smaller set-top-box meant to be used with flat panel displays. I've wondered when we will get a smaller form factor set of home theater equipment meant to coordinate better with the flat panels. We can wall mount those units, but you still need a large cabinet or stand for all the sound and video equipment!
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what is the phone number to call fios? 800 comcast was so easy.

when are we getting HD on demand? I want to get rid of my last comcast box a dvr no less but don't want to until fios has hd on demand.

yes I have both and that is also how I solved the problem of getting standard cable on the side less used room tvs without a box with just coax, as that's something fios can't do and never will though supposedly eventually comcast won't either.

why did the remote go from the bad small button to a new larger button one that improved some things but then got rid of key features like a day up down button.

I end up having a comcast dvr remote and both fios remotes when 3 remotes for just one cable box in fam room is adding to the number of other remotes because I don't like the all in one remotes to put all devices on for a few reasons but the last thing I need is 3 just for stb.

I hate to say it but for stuff like the remote why didn't they just copy comcast? worry about beating them after you've matched them. instead they try to beat them off the bat and instead fall short because they have dumb ppl designing the remote and buttons.

where the heck is the swap button and feature on fios that comcast has and is a completley neccesary feature. when recording two programs at once switching between the two is a whole series of menu access and button presses while its one push of swap button on comcast.

I guess I'm lucky my area has it but for the ppl that don't and therefore anxious to and wanting what they can't have, just know that its only better then comcast in a few ways most other then better std def pq and overall comcast in still better in more ways and more important features (like hd on demand and a damn working swap button)

hopefully fios gets perfected but for now I'd tell them to start with just matching comcast before they can even attempt to beat them.
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I have really enjoyed the FiOS sytem. I want the best PQ possible and could really care less about the swap function being missing. I kept a Comcast remote that I had the 30 second skip proghrammed into and it works great. The DVR works better than Comcast too as it has yet to lock up on my while changing channels and I have tried to get it to also. Comcast will be dropping all but the locals in analog in the next couple of years as they will need the bandwidth. It seems to me that it is Comcast who will be trying to copy FiOSD in terms of channels and functionality. Look at the streaming of DVR content which Comcast will try to implement this year also. HD VOD? I almost never watched it on Comcast and don't miss it. Neither do I miss CN8. I can't imagine going back to Comcast after seeing how much better CSN-HD looks on FiOS as well as how good HDNet and HDNet MOvies look.]
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Originally Posted by JWhip View Post

...I can't imagine going back to Comcast....]

Neither can I. The picture quality of SD programming is much better via FiOS, and the HD stuff is better also. I'm not a fan of the Guide feature though...Comcast's was much easier to navigate. I also use On Demand very infrequently, but it seems that FiOS's goes directly to Pay per View rather than giving a choice.
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Just got a notice in the mail that WUVP (Univision) is moving from FiOS channel 26 to 14, effective around 4/30/07. The letter mentioned to keep an eye out for future updates.

Not sure why they are sending this out now if more channels will be affected.
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A whole letter just for a realign of 1 analog station?? Hilarious!

I'll stir the pot here as well since I read over on the FIOS Programming thread here that a customer in VA was told we'd be seeing 4 new National HD channels this Friday, 3/30.

Whether that comes true, who knows - but it would definitely be nice. Many of us here, including JWhip, have been told for months now we'd be seeing something new.

4 new channels would make sense, as it would most likely be Food, HGTV, A&E, and either Vs/Golf or Outdoor Channel 2 HD.

Guess we wait and see.
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Yep. An entire page for one channel, personally signed by the VP of Content Acquisitions and Strategy. Letter is dated March 30, 2007 (this Friday).
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Food Channel has been advertising often that it is available as high def...see your cable provider. Wonder what food looks like in sparkling clarity...like it does in your own kitchen? Will Emerill require more make-up?

My neighbor had the Comcast folks at his place again, something that we've been trying for about two years to have fixed...pixelation and drop-outs. I went the Verizon route, and told him that he should now give up and do the same. We'll see if he does that. Has anyone done the "referral" thing with Verizon? What benefit does it give you? If he states to them that I referred him to the package, what would I receive?
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Originally Posted by Jim Hef View Post

Food Channel has been advertising often that it is available as high def...see your cable provider. Wonder what food looks like in sparkling clarity...like it does in your own kitchen? Will Emerill require more make-up?

We have FoodHD, and it is real purdy. Not all of the SD shows are made in HD. No Emeril or RR.

Here's the guide http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/hdtv..._26756,00.html
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As of Wednesday, 3/28, it looks like WYBE Channel 35's pixelation and stuttering problem went away. Anyone seeing / not seeing problems?

Someone over on broadbandreports.com http://www.dslreports.com/forum/rema...~start=100#end is reporting that the picture is OK, but the sound is out of sync. I can't confirm because WYBE is showing kids programming right now - cartoons and muppets aren't exactly reference material to compare audio / video sync issues. Will wait until the older age group programming kicks in later this evening (no comment on comparison of educational value).
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Originally Posted by Jim Hef View Post

Food Channel has been advertising often that it is available as high def...see your cable provider. Wonder what food looks like in sparkling clarity...like it does in your own kitchen? Will Emerill require more make-up?

I had Food HD on DISH Network and loved it. And really miss it now. That's why i'm now really hoping we get it soon.
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WYBE looks good to go this evening. Will declare it done and close out the problem ticket with Verizon.

Also got a follow-up call from them this evening asking about WYBE. This is points in my book about their customer service.
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Good to know that Verizon is following up any customer complaints...Comcast couldn't hire enough service folks to do that!

I noticed that Verizon has marked 801-809 as high def channels, but nothing is there at this point for our system. And, of course, there's nothing posted to suggest when additional channels would be added. Looking forward to those locations being filled with interesting high def programming!
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VZ has applied with the BPU for 4 more towns in Burlington County, hopefully sinc Marlton (Evesham Twp) is already live for internet we will be among the first with TV.

Many more towns in Mercer added as well.
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Not all fiber, but it's part of the install kit. Destined to be a classic »www.google.com/tisp/press.html. Be sure to follow the URL for a detailed "How To": »www.google.com/tisp/install.html and the FAQ: »www.google.com/tisp/faq.html

A bit OT, but appropriate for today. Enjoy.
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In preparation for opening day, I downloaded and printed out the Phillies calendar. A number of games are on CN8, which Verizon doesn't carrry.
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Too bad it was only "offered" for one day!!!
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anyone not getting 811 KYW this morning?
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Didn't notice this morning (don't usually watch KYW in the AM) , but I can check when I get home tonight.

Let us know if it comes back on for you.
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As of 10:22 AM, no carrier on channel 811. Analog 3 OK. Since it's optical, is this more correctly termed "dark"?

Problem ticket submitted. I told them that other users on internet are reporting problem. The Phillies home opener is on 811 (1:05 PM)! Will call back if not solved soon. There's always OTA...
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Wow Geek-
I totally forgot the home opener is on 3 today!

I'm stuck at work so I can't watch it on TV anyway - but damn, i'd be ticked off!
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Jeep - credit to JWhip, otherwise I would have never checked. OTA "backup" is online and ready to go. I even verified coverage using the Google Earth terrain map for KYW-DT (see the OTA thread for details).

Update: As of 11:15 AM, 811 is back! I guess it just took someone to call it in (and that KYW will be #1 viewer ranking at 1 PM).
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Anybody getting ESPN-2 HD tonight, 827, Baltimore O's vs. Twins game? No carrier. ESPN-2 SD, 64, showing ESPN news. I think it's a blackout. My quota for calling Verizon is done for today.
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