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I called and reported the KYW deal before I left for the game. It was their first call. Glad to see it was back so soon.
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GeekGirl, you are a true eclectic sports fan! Who else would watch a baseball game between those two teams when they were about to play the national championship game!!!
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JWhip - I tend to be on the proactive side. Too many situations where everyone assumed that "someone else" took care of it with the result that nothing was done. The home opener is high priority for me.
Jim Hef - I like pro sports, somehow never followed college. A review of the Phillies broadcast below.

Picture Quality:
A comparison of OTA vs. Verizon shows that they have maintained the high quality I have seen with the Wachovia Center broadcasts (Sixers, Flyers). OTA looked like it had a soft focus compared to fiber. Outstanding level of detail. The sunlight really enhanced the color impact.

It looked like there were some start-up problems with HD. Some video dropouts, but they were also present on OTA. HD didn't get switched on until a few minutes into the broadcast and some of the commercials were chopped up. After a few innings, it looked like everything was under control, with manual SD/HD switching at the commercial breaks.

Camera Views:
I liked the shots from 1st base upper level. Impressive to show the height of the ball (Braves!) as it flied over the center field and right field fences. It also showed the player's field positions, switching to the center field camera as the pitch was thrown- nice touch.

The 3rd base dugout shots showed the player's perspective. However, the wide angle view detracted from the impact a bit, it made the player seem farther away. You really need a slow pan across the field for the full dramatics.

There were at least 2 shots that showed artistic creativity. The first one was from the 3rd base dugout with the photographer's cameras on deck. The 2nd one was with a player on deck, bat on shoulder, deep in thought- mental preparation for the upcoming pitcher vs. batter duel.
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I recently had FiosTV installed and generally love it. I was coming from DirecTivo, so that usability of the interface is a little lacking, but usable.

A couple of issues that continue to nag me.
1- While it can record two shows at the same time, both tuners can't play real TV. This means that is you are recording a show on the back up tuner and the main tuner, switching to watch what is on the backup tuner appears to stop the main tuner. They said they are trying to upgrade that though.

2- When watching HBO on demand, and sometimes other on demand stuff, we occaisonally get a brief wash of opaque pixels filling the screen. It only lasts for a brief second. If I rewind over the same segment, the pixelization isn't there, leading me to believe it is some congestion thing.

Does anyone else get this?

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Originally Posted by lmikles View Post

2- When watching HBO on demand, and sometimes other on demand stuff, we occaisonally get a brief wash of opaque pixels filling the screen. It only lasts for a brief second. If I rewind over the same segment, the pixelization isn't there, leading me to believe it is some congestion thing.

Apparently there may be an issue with HBO On Demand programs. Other folks on DSL Reports have been reporting the same issue when watching HBO programs. I haven't witnessed it, but you're definitely not alone.

If you are seeing it also on other programs though, and if it is quite frequent, you may want to have a tech check things out, or at least call in to the FSC regarding it.
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The Phillies game over the weekend on whatever channel it was had a very poor sound delay. Since the announcers aren't shown, the game commentary wasn't affected, but a crack of the bat or the ball thudding into the catcher's mitt made the program unwatchable...too wierd to keep following.

Today my service was interrupted...phone, internet, and TV totally out. When I called the central number, they told me that "they were aware of an outage in the area". A tech showed up within 15 minutes of calling them, and found that another tech, doing an install within the neighborhood, had for some reason disconnected my service at the hub. Human error, but funny that Verizon would automatically give the notice that they were aware of a situation, which they weren't!
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Originally Posted by jeepmatt View Post

Apparently there may be an issue with HBO On Demand programs. Other folks on DSL Reports have been reporting the same issue when watching HBO programs. I haven't witnessed it, but you're definitely not alone.

Thanks. I'll research it over there.
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Well Still, I am still in the wait it out stage untill they finally get FiOS out in my area. Frustrating As Jwhip has it in Wayne,Pa and I have it here in Ardmore,Pa. Its like I am forced to have this feeling of maybe pigs might fly first or that the cows will jump over the moon thing first also before finally getting any type of word or info on FiOS avilablity for my House in Rosemont,Pa Delco Side Radnor Township.
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LM, you are welcome to check it out here if you want. I watched some of the Phillies game today and the PQ was outstanding, way better than any PHillies broadcast on CSN-HD on Comcast. Crystal clear, beautifully saturated color and great detail. Amazing. Now about the game itself, that is another story!
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Comcast has such a monopoly, I can't stand it. The second game of the season for the Phillies was televised on CN8. Of course, if you don't have Comcast, then no CN8. I call BS!!! And we, of course, have Verizon. I just hate these sports deals. It's really bad for the consumer. I wrote to the Phillies to bitch. So should you.
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I can live without a handful of PHillies games that are on CN8. Frankly, I do not think that the Phillies care. They are in bed with Comcast as part owners of CSN. The Phillies struck a long term deal at the inception of CSN and got very little for their rights. What they get for their broadcast rights is pitiful. THis looks like it will be a bad season anyway. Too much other stuff to worry about.
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As for yesterday's game, the snow flakes were a good test. I really wanted that upper level camera perspective of the height of Howard's pop-fly early in the game. No such luck.

[rant on] I've noticed a huge amount of Verizon signage plastered just about everywhere in both the ballpark and Wachovia Center. An interesting payback to ComCast by using their own channel to advertise their competitor. The loser, however, is the viewer who has to look past all this clutter. [rant off]
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I have let CSN management know that I would love that camera in the press box above the plate used more and would love to see it as the main camera instead of the one in centerfield. You can clearly see on my 50" screen whether the ball crosses the plate and can follow the action better once the ball is put in play. It minimzes camera movement and cut aways. I love it. HDNet did something similar when they first did MLB their first two years. It was awesome then, even on a 34" screen.
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JWhip - I have a somewhat different opinion on what should be the "main" camera. I want to see the catcher's signs and how he catches the ball (glove placement over the plate)- hence a center field camera.

Tim McCarver, who I think is one of the best analysts in the game (and an ex-Phillie), has an excellent discussion of camera placement in his book, "Tim Mccarver's Baseball for Brain Surgeons and Other Fans". There's an excerpt online at the NYT, you can get the Google cached version here: (If not, Google search for "Tim Mccarver's baseball for brain surgeons and other fans site: nytimes.com", the page is cached)

Baseball is a game of angles. In this excerpt, I believe your press box view would be called the "high-home" camera. The article appears to be circa 1998, but I don't think anything but the ESPN K-zone box have changed since then.

I think the key is to have some really good producers who understand the nuances of the game and can work in real-time. As an example, I thought that the home opener (KYW) camera views were more in-tune with the game than Thursday's game (ComCast). Different producers?
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The opener was produced by the same CSN crew. I love the high home angle. It is like stitting in the broadcast booth which I have done at the Bank. It is a great way to watch the game. You can easliy see if the ball is over the plate and can better guage the speed of the pitch as well as when it is a slider, curve etc. For me, the center field shot is way overrated. I don't need to know what the pitch will be before it occurs and with a runner on second you can't tell anyway. You have to cut to another angle anyway when the ball is hit. To me, the best way to cover sports is with as few camera angle cuts as possible. With the High-home angle, you don't need to move the camers at all if done properly. I would love to watch more of the game from the broadcast booth view but that is just one man's opinion. The tests done on HDNet in 2001 where great in that regard. Until you have seen a game shot in that manner, you do not appreciate how great it can look. All HD all the time will eventually change how all sports are shot once producers, directors and camera men get out of that 4x3 SD mindset.
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JWhip - Must be baseball season, let the debates begin! . I can understand your perspective, sounds like a good solid argument. I won't be able to get a "reference" view in person at the Bank for quite a while. Let me know when they start the high-home camera coverage like you requested. I fully agree with the need to dump the 4:3 mindset.

Also posted in the Philly OTA thread:

The Google Earth OTA 3-D Visualization terrain mapping files were just updated. There was a bug in the initial release that dropped a lot of stations. Looks like it was fixed.

It's now a sticky in the HDTV Reception Hardware forum: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=821480, Post #2 for the color maps.

Be sure to read the posts with regards to the color scheme - it is not intended to match antennaweb.org.
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Anyone seeing outages on MSNBC (84) or the HBO West channels (401)??

Reports on DSL Reports showing that some folks in the West Chester area are missing these channels.

Just wanted to see if this was a wide-spread Philly headend issue.

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MSNBC was working here.
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I was seeing some stuttering on HD channels tonight, just after the firmware was updated to 17.25. I cleared the video buffer output (Off, Menu, then cycle through the HDMI output resolutions). Will keep an eye on it. Maybe you have to initialize at least some part of the STB after an update (HD DVR, 6416).
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was the firmware update automatic? cycling through the hdmi output res in the menu with box off clears the video buffer? guess its good to reapply that once in a great while but wouldn't just unplugging and backin reboot the stb.
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Yes, the firmware update was automatic.

The technique to clear the buffer memory was something I tried that seemed to work the last time this happened. There was some discussion over on DSL Reports (and maybe in AVS forum) of stuttering problems due to a filled buffer in video memory. My STB is the Moto 64616 HD-DVR.

Rebooting (unplug / replug) the STB fixes the problem. However, it didn't work for me, so I figured that resetting the video output format would do the same thing. So far, that seems to work. It's a lot quicker than rebooting the STB and waiting for the program guide to reload. I'll reboot correctly if the problem persists.
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Someone just posted over on DSL Reports that THREE NEW NATIONAL HD's just showed up.

They live in Texas

Food HD - 840
Lifetime Movie HD - 841
HGTV HD - 845

Can anyone else confirm??????
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I live in Schwenksville, PA (Lower Frederick Township), and while we have access to Verizon Fios Internet, we don't have TV yet. For anyone in my area, I town to the township manager about the TV availability, and she said the Fios TV service won't be ready until the end of 2007.
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Jeepmatt, no new HD here, yet.
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Maybe adding the channels is another fee responsibility to the Townships around here...no new channels in Yardley either!!!
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They have been added in Texas and today in Florida. I would therefore expect them to be added within a few days here as well. Seems like a grdual rollout, probably a new state each day based upon when eacg state was added. I guess VA will be next then Pa.
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Anyone out a few HD and SD channels today. Looks like a rain problem.
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Didn't notice any outages in our area yesterday, but also didn't run through all the channels last night. Hopefully they are all restored for you.
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The only "glitch" last night was WTXF-DT 10 O'Clock news missing the first minute or so of the broadcast, analog OK. Saw blank screen, then color bars until the broadcast was restored.

Tonight, ESPN is showing the All Star game in-lieu of ppd Phillies vs. Mets. Thought they would have a backup game. Back to hockey on VS.
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This morning the NBC high def channel had a "behind the scenes" broadcasting of the control room feed for the Today show prior to 6:30 AM. They showed a tech sitting in the chair to get a lighting and audio level, and then Meredith Viera sitting in the chair getting her hair fixed. Various remote locations were shown with wording saying things like "wipe", and then rolling the screen between shots. Very strange.
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