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Who is having a Super Bowl Party?

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My typical 2 seat theater will be overtaken by about 15 guest on Super Bowl Sunday. We'll be using assorted seating and I'm sure some will sit on the floor. I have an additional TV that I might put on for "overflow", but I'm sure most won't want to watch the "portable" (as I call it!). I thought I'd get the ball rollin' for everyone to weigh in on what they plan to do if they are hosting a SB party. Everything from recipes, cool tickets ideas, fun looking paper plates etc.. GO NUTS!

I was thinking about getting some bear meat at the local exotic meat store and making bear chilli.
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For the past three years, we have has around 10 people in the theater for the Super Bowl. Of course with the Patriots in at least two of those, it has been a great party. this year alas, it will not be as exciting..

We serve lots of good food, etc. Except for popcorn though, no food is allowed in the theater. It results in spilling which I really have no desire to clean up.

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We're having a SB party--I don't really get into the event, but CHicago's in it, so by law, I believe, we have to watch it.

It's going to be a SB party and chili cook off. My father is running a pool during the game. We'll have the basement free for all the kids to go nuts in (all of our guests will have children ages 1-5).

By the way, for "tickets" to the event, go here: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...62#post9544162
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I will be having one also, Hopefully I can get my seats ordered early enough to they will be here by then... GO BEARS!
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Originally Posted by dapdrums View Post

I was thinking about getting some bear meat at the local exotic meat store and making bear chilli.

I prefer horsey chili. Go Bears!
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The neighborhood gathers at our house each year for the annual Super Bowl party. Eight families plus ours, for a total of about 38 people (potentially - not everybody winds up being available).

We ask everyone to bring an appetizer, and we furnish plates/napkins/cups and pop and juice.

The men tend to gather in the theater, the kids in the playroom, and the women in the kitchen/dining/family room.

I printed our tickets at Costco last night, and I'm going to use the paper cutter at Kinko's tonight to cut them out, then I'll distribute them tomorrow.

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A big thank you ND23 for the ticket!
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I'd be interested in betting pool ideas. I'm thinking about everyone kicking in 10 bucks and having about 10 pools going. There are the obvious ideas such as game winner and score etc... but I'm like to have some funny ones too - maybe something to do with the commercials? Any ideas?
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I'm inviting anyone who wants to come. I've got a giant Colt's pez dispenser that a friend brought me last Sunday. I've already got lots of Colt pennents, throws and a bunch of pics I took when I got to go to a game last year. The piece-de-resistance will be a regulation helmet signed by all the players on the team this year that I got off fleabay yest for a (I think) GREAT price. Authenticated, from a very reputable seller, etc. I'm very, very excited. I'm serving BBQ. I have eaten grilled bear, back when I was a kid and my dad was working in the panhandle of Idaho building roads. Went to visit him and they'd killed a bear that was threatening camp and roasted it. Quite tasty. However, the bear we eat on the 4th will be of the Chicago variety. GOOOOOOO COLTS!!!!!!!!!
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Get this. My sister-in-law from Tampa invites herself and her family, then invites her sister-in-law and her family from Raleigh! I met these people from Raleigh like once and now I'm hosting her family for a Super Bowl party? Man! She's lucky the Bears are playing or I'd get drunk and tell her off!

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party city has good prices on official super bowl plates/napkins etc... I even got a grass table cloth for 2.49.
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I don't have HD Cable yet. I can watch the game over my PC with OTA HD, but my computer sometimes hiccups when I do this. I may invite a few neighbors over, but I gotta make sure I let them know this upfront.

I should have my HD cable in 7-14 days, but it may not be here soon enough.
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After seeing my home theater, my friends said that they are having the super bowl party - at my house.

Should be about 40 people with three HD tv's going...

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I don't want to watch all of America drool over how "good" Peyton Manning is.
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Yup... 40-50 people and good food, drinkies and fun.
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We are having our 3rd annual Soup'er Bowl Party. Typically have about 30 guests, with people bringing different soups and chilis. Whole house is open with game on in 6 rooms including bathroom....so no one misses a play or costume malfunction. ;-) The basement theater is typically the diehard football fans watching in HD at 100"...while other casual watchers usually hang out in kitchen and great room watching in SD. The pinball gameroom also gets lots of use during event.
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