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Getting my Pc Sound into my HT

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I am thinking of putting my computer by my tv and playing all my games through the TV and my speakers (6.1 setup) the question is how do I get my sound hooked up correctly? I currently own a Creative x-fi (basic version) sound card. Any ideas would really help me out thanks.
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Most receivers have separate inputs for each channel (RCA type). I don't own an x-fi (use an X-Plosion for the DTS encoding and digital output for all sound) but I think your card has separate RCA outputs for each channel. Just plug them all in and you should have what you are looking for.
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My sound card has 3 outputs for my speakers (one for front, back, center/subwoofer) It also has a digital I/O. Could I just use an adapter and use that for sound?

Here is my sound card:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16829102007
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I may be wrong but I think the digital i/o on creative products does nothing more than pass digital signals from your computer (i.e. dolby and dts from movies). To get sound separation from your games you need to use the analogue outputs. After looking at your link it appears you will need an adapter that will separate each of those plugs into two separate outs. One for each channel. Radio Shack should have something. After getting them you will need to determine which plug is for which input. Once you get it down just make sure you label the cords in case you need to rearrange things later and have to unplug the cords.
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I just thumbed through the Creative support knowledgebase and found this

If your receiver has a Dolby Digital SPDIF-In, connect it to the Digital Out jack on the sound card with a 3.5mm (mono or stereo) to RCA adaptor.

Note: DVD-Audio cannot be played back via digital speakers.

Discrete Analog Inputs

If your receiver has discrete Line-In jacks for Front Right, Front Left, Rear Right, Rear Left, Center, and Subwoofer:

Connect Front Right and Front Left to the Line-Out 1 on the sound card with a 3.5mm (stereo) to RCA "Y" adaptor cable

Connect Rear Right and Rear Left to the Line-Out 2 jack with another 3.5mm (stereo) to RCA "Y" adaptor cable

connect the Center/Subwoofer In to the Line-Out 3 on the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 card, with a 3rd 3.5mm (4-pole or stereo) to RCA "Y" adaptor cable.

Connect the white RCA plug to the Center input and Red RCA plug to the Subwoofer input on the receiver.

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I did the same thing with my PC. However, I was more interested in listening to my music collection via my home stereo.

I agree with mustang...With your sound card, it looks like you only need a cable like this:


That cable would connect to your TV/Receiver and provide the sound you desire. You could plug it into your output 2 jack.
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On my sound card "quick start" guide has a picture of the I/O option for connecting to an AV Receiver. Is it possible to use a cable like this:http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...ormat=2&style=

Or will it be like what JoeWagner said that it won't work the way I'd like it to.
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Here's the M$ guide:


It may have different config settings than your setup, but the concept should help somewhat. You can use regular RCA cables, which I'm sure you probably have lying around, or get an optical cable (depending on what inputs your receiver has). You can also make your own with some coax and some RCA adapters from Rad|0 $hack...

Not too terribly hard to config. Enjoy your sensaround battles!
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The digital out on your card will only output dolby digital and DTS for movies. Normal computer sound for games and such will be stereo. If you wan't 5.1 for games you'l have to use analog out. The Auzentech cards will encode DD and DTS for output to your receiver.
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The creative breakout box used in the Xfi elite pro has alot of nifty inputs and outputs and you could use fiber optic from the box to your receiver. I personaly do the opposite and all sound goes into my computer through the elire pro box and out my sound card to my creative gigaworks s750 7.1 surround sound speakers George Lucas THX certified 700w (only speakers with full dynamic range).
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