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Quality issues in videos when connected to PC (HDMI) - Sceptre X32GV

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Let me first say that this is my first HDTV as well as, aside from my laptop, my first time owning an LCD. I am quite familiar with all the technology, but my issue might just be due to my noobiness =P

Thanks to AVS' decent feedback on the screen, I got this Sceptre X32GV Komodo. Everything is great except for some reason, video playback doesn't look so hot, especially with DVDs. Using photographs on both screens, I'd say I've calibrated the LCD the best I could--it nearly matches the photos as shown on my CRT (Samsung 997MB monitor). The contrast was notably way too high. However, artifacts and color banding seems far more apparent on the LCD; at times it's almost as bad as though my system wasn't accelerating the playback. This is with MPEG4 video as well as DVDs. I tried some 1080p WMV movie trailers, and it's much improved but compression artifacts still seem much more apparent on the LCD. Unfortunately, I don't have a standalone DVD player to rule out my system/drivers processing the output differently on the other display.

Maybe my expectations were too high. Could this just be due to LCD tech's lack of contrast (this screen is 1200:1) or shaper picture making imperfections more apparent? Or the fact that it's being blown up to 32" as compared to a 19" CRT? I've set my CRT to 1260x768 to match the LCD and it still seems unjustly lesser in quality, even compared to other LCDs I've seen DVDs played on (laptops, for example).

The only other thing I have connected to the LCD TV is my Wii which is set to 16:9/480p/component. I've noticed that it seems to have a bit of banding/graininess about it especially on Zelda:TP, but I have no basis for comparison on other displays. Might it be the fact that it's an upscaled 480p signal or that Zelda was originally a GC game so the textures are just muddier.

For reference, my video card is an 8800 GTS with the latest 97.92 Forceware drivers. I've also been setting the LCD as my primary display, it doesn't seem to make any difference except for eliminating tearing.

This ended up being way longer than I intended. Anywho, thanks to anyone who replies =P

EDIT: Is it possible that this is an 18-bit panel? I used the gradient tool in photoshop and compared it between the CRT and the LCD--there's a bit more noticeable banding on the LCD.
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You might have wanted to keep this in the Sceptre Komodo thread. Anyway, I will have to disagree with your assessment. I have been watching HD-DVD's on this Sceptre for 2 months now and the PQ is amazing. I don't see the banding you are referring to. I also stuck in the Avia disk last night and don't see the banding. The Avia disk is for 480p so not even close to the resolution of this monitor...still it looked pretty good to me.

I watch both DVD's and HD-DVD's through an Xbox360 with the HD add on. Both look incredibly to me.
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Yeah I should have put it in the Komodo thread--I didn't think anyone read that anymore. I copied this post into there, we may as well consider this thread dead (since I can't delete it)
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