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Optical cable doesn't fit?

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I got a "patch" cord (for lack of a better term), to link my HR20-700 DirecTV STB with my Sony STR-K740P Home theater receiver.

I also wanted to try my JVC xv-S502 optical output.

The cable from MonsterCable,will fit in my DirecTV STB but not in any of my other components (DVD player or Home Theater Receiver).

Has the receptacle standard changed in the approximately 5 years since I bought my DVD player and HomeTheater in a Box?


Sony STR-K740P manuals (need PDF to see manual)

JVC xv-S502 (best I could find for specs)

DirecTV HR20-700

Am I nuts or does this thing just not fit in the older equipment? I turned it every which way I could and it doesn't seem fit (or result in any sound).

Is there a converter for older equipment or an optical audio cable that has two different ends?

Here's the difference between them from what I've read (to save you real smart guys the time). :-).

HR20-700 DirecTV STB calls it an:
Digital Optical

Sony STR-K740P Home Theater has more details:
Impedance 75Ohms
S/N 100dB
(A,20 kHz LPF)

XV-S502 JVC DVD player:
Digital Out: (Coaxial: 0.5 Vp-p (75 Ohm), Optical:-21 dBm to -15 dBm)

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Sounds like (without looking at the manuals) that some are toslink and some are coax - they use different connectors. One looks like a minijack and the other is a funky little irregular box.

Here is a cable from monoprice that has both ends - hope it helps!

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I bought my DVD player in 2000 and it accepted an optical cable I bought earlier this month.
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I'm glad someone created a thread to ask about this.

I'm going to show my newbie colors here and admit that the optical Toslink type cables are new to me. I recently had an LG 32" LCD that had an Optical output, but after only a few days the screen went out and thus we returned it. We also had the Samsung HT-Q70 but it only has one optical audio input. Our replacement TV only has one coaxial audio out. The lack of a coaxial audio jack on the Samsung HT-Q70 meant we would not be able to use this unit with the new TV, so the Q70 has also since been returned.

OK, well here's my point. Because I had never used a Toslink optical cable before I didn't know anything about them except to plug it in and hope it works. Well it was a Monster Toslink cable I bought from RdioSchk and it fit fine in the Samsung HT-Q70 but I could not get it to fit into the optical jack of the LG TV. It just would not go in. So I unplugged the end that was in the Q70 and looked at both ends. They didn't appear to be exactly the same. One end was a little bigger, and one end has a tiny little clear plastic bulb-like piece on it. I switched the cable around and the other end would go in the Q70 but I still could not get it to fit into the jack on the LG. I didn't want to force it so again I removed the cable. I looked at this bulb-like end and fiddled with it and noticed this little clear bulb piece comes off. I tried the cable again with this bulb piece removed and the cable now was able to be seated into the jack on both the TV and the Q70. Sheesh what a pain!

No where on the package that Toslink came in did it say that the ends were different or to remove the little clear plastic bulb thingy. How was I suppose to know this? I'm still not even sure I was suppose to remove the bulb thingy. But I did get it to work once I did this.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal or if there's something I did wrong? Why in the freakin hell doesn't it tell you on the package how to connect these things? The TV user manual didn't make any mention of how to connect a Toslink cable either. So I still don't know if I was supposed to remeove the buld piece or if only one end of a Toslink cable is meant to be inserted into the TV's out. Any help or a link to instructions would be a great help. Thanks!
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No, I had to deduce removing the bubble protector, too. Didn't say anything about it on mine. I figured it was just a protector by how easily it came off, though. If you were supposed to leave it on, they wouldn't make them removeable.

Once you're past that, they plug right in, so you're good to go. Just set your input to optical in the settings, if your receiver does that, and it should work.
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Well I like how it fails to inform the user to remove the plastic little bubble thingy. Someone who is unaware of this (like I was) could actually damage the optical jack on their TV trying to force the cable into place.

Look at any of the pictures of Toslink cables on monoprice.com and there's only one plastic bubble on one end of the cable. Why is their only ONE little bubble protector? Does anyone know why the plastic bubble is not on both ends of the cable?

Also, once this one bubble protector is removed from the one end, are both ends now exactly the same? Or is the plug that had the bubble on it only for an input?
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Originally Posted by RetRoe View Post

I'm glad someone created a thread to ask about this.

I'm glad you posted.

I was about to be a victim of the clear plastic bulb myself. I never perceived it to be a removable item, I just thought it was part of the insulation, or design of the cable itself.

For some reason the "door" that protects the optical area on the HD DVR, allowed me to hook in the cable, with the bulb. That gave me the wrong indication that the other end didn't fit, anything else. Dunno why it would work with the bulb on that and not with the other components, but it really threw me for a loop. I assumed because the other components were older they had a different receptacle.

Once I removed the tiny plastic bulbs they fit perfectly. I just eliminated about 3 RCA cables that traveled to and fro.

It took a little noodling of the controls on my receiver, but I was able to change the input to OPT IN. The control wasn't on my receiver remote, but on the actual receiver itself. Which the PDF manual did not state clearly . Chalk another one up for manual writers everywhere.

Now my receiver auto detects PCM or digital and outputs a decent sound on any channel. There's not much difference with the SD signals, but I put on the HD Peter Frampton special and there was a noticeable change.

Thanks for everyone's help

PS: I hate returning things and it probably would have ate the cost of the cable.
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i think that i was wrong...nothing to see here keep on moving
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Those bulbs are to protect the tips.
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Yep, the bulb is only there for protection. I'm sorry for not mentioning anything earlier but I figured if you got one to fit, you had already taking the bulb off the tip. Ooops.

I think the first toslink cable I ever ordered didn't have the bulbs on them, so I knew from then on they would have be removed if I ever got a cable that came with them.
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Thank you, I was going nuts trying to figure out why this cable wouldn't fit, you resovled that issue, Thanks for your posting on this matter.
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Thank you, Thank you, thank you for this thread....I went and bout 2 more optical cables and had the same problem...It would not fit into the TV. This was a low end 46" HDTV for the Mother in law for Christmas. Bought for $400 at Wal-Mart along with a $48 audio speaker bar and $68 blue-ray player. Well HDMI from the cable box and the Blue-Ray to the TV was okay. No Coaxial audio out of the TV, just optical/TOSLINK. If it was not for this thread I would be up a creek. Thanks again.
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Do be careful with the optical cable. The protective bulb that must be removed before you use the cable is there for a purpose. So when you remove it before installation be careful. If the inside connector gets damaged or cracked, the cable won't work.
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Thanks all for your input on removing the optical cable end protectors. I too had no previous experience with this type of cable and found it impossible to find any description of its use. Once I removed the protector the cable snapped into place.:)

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^^^^^ don't feel bad. There are more people than you know who've had this issue and don't want to admit it wink.gif Part of the learning experience.
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As the saying goes, if it don't fit, get a bigger hammer. tongue.gif
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^^^^ that's how I broke my first cable biggrin.gif
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ha, my friend recently called me with the same problem - removing cap is vital...
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"I'm glad someone created a thread to ask about this."



And I'm glad RetRoe responded :). I bought an optical cable years ago because it was inexpensive, figuring I might find a need for it someday.
Just today, I tried fitting the cable into my new TV and my old CD Recorder (Sony RCD-W500C--worst purchase ever!) and it would not fit.

I got online to see if there was a smaller size I needed, and found this post. Turns out I also assumed the rubber covers were part of the cable.

Thanks a lot for the comment :).

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