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Considering calibration, but a few concerns first.

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I consider myself smarter then the average bear. So when it comes to me spending big money on an HD set I know that it doesn't come out of the box calibrated to it's potential (in my living room). I have been using The THX optimizer on certain DVD's as my calibrating source. Some times I am more then pleased with the picture,and sometimes I feel the picture has a bit of a grainy look to it. And sometimes I feel colors are bleeding.

Now here is another delema, I have currently two video sources, DVD, and Television (DTV HR20 DVR). Both are being run through my Pioneer Elite VSX-82TSX, out to my Sony Vega 50" LCD projection. The Pioneer is a upscaling/de-interlacing model. I do upscale the DVD's, but find that picture on Sat. signal isn't changed, therefore I leave it at 'Pure' (at least until my firmware upgrade). The Sat is being sent to the receiver via HDMI, and the DVD via Componant cables. Both are being upconverted to HDMI out to TV. So how will a certified calibrator be able to set my picture for the two different video sources? And do they do more then the average savy person like myself would do? Do they go into the service modes and change settings that I would be afraid to touch?

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TJ, a true ISF calibrator will more than likely own some sort of "signal generator". This will be used to calibrate your various sources independently. Yes they most certainly will need to access your Sony's service menu to get you the best picture possible with the "truest" greyscale.

Good Luck with your selection of calibrators as there are many to consider fr the job!
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Yup ... go into the service menu and actually play with the grayscale and make it more accurate. Also use equipment considerably more expensive than a $10 disc worth of test patterns.

If you ar lucky ... they will take the time to explain each and every step along the way ...

Understanding why is often more important than just getting the so called answer thrown at you.

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Thanks guys!
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