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Paradigm 100 v3 Setup

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Hello everyone! First post and before people start getting mad I want you to knowI did some pretty decent reading before posting. Read the Paradigm owners thread and end up getting more confused. Anyway heres my situation...

Setting up a HT at my parents house in India and decided on the Paradigm 100's for mains as its a pretty big room, about 35'x30' with 20+ foot ceilings. Its not at all ideal for a HT as its got 2 floor to ceiling windows, concrete walls and opening into the dining room on another side but unfortunately its the only room available. For the center I'm goign to get the CC-570 ,ADP-470 for the surrounds and the Series 20's or 40's, CC-470 for the rear. I'd love to get the Servo 15 sub but I think its a little too expensive for me and was looking for an alternative. So thats my speaker setup and I have no clue as to which receiver to get.

I was thinking of getting a pretty powerful receiver with out an amp but after reading up on that it seems like a bad idea. So I'm thinking of getting an amp to go with a 7.1 but again I have no idea what to get. Lots of people seem to like the Denon 3805 but I want to look into Marantz, HK, Outlaw and others too. My budget for the receiver is around $1000-$1400

So to sum up:

1. What receiver and amp combo do you suggest?
2. What do you think about the setup for the room that size? Am I totally off? What else would you recommend?
3. For the speaker section but still, what do you recommend for the sub? If you think the Servo 15 is the best for this setup then thats what I'll get.
4. Would help if the reveiver and amp is multisystem(110v-240v) as input voltage in India is 220v but not a big issue as I can look for power converters over there.

Thanks for reading!!
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Lots really depends on how loud you want to be at the seating position.

All I can say for sure is you are going to need a really good sub (or two) to fill that space with powerful bass. The Servo 15 is a really good sub, even so, that's a pretty big space
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in that size room i would look at an amp with 250w a channel the 20's would work
for the rear. the servo would do the studios justice and any of the receivers as a pre amp
from the ones mentioned will work your ears will have to decide that and most of the time
the amp and rec bought in the country to be used are set for that voltage.
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By the looks of it you will likely require a power amp to fill that room, especially because you have selected the studio series. My system is all studio's and I am delighted with them. I have a small room and the 60's as mains, you have a huge room and are looking at 100's as mains, that is a lot to ask from a receiver!
I would think an MCA20 for the 100's and run the surrounds from the receiver or get an MCA50 as well and amp up everything.
The minimum would be a 200wpc amp for just those 100's or I think you will not be happy.
On the surrounds remember that the ADP's are quite placement critical so if you do not have the ideal location I would seriously think about running 4 20's as surrounds and rears or if the budget allows 4 40's would be mind blowing.
As for a sub the servo is awesome but if available where you live 2 HSU VTF3 HO's would be a good consideration as an alternative.
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