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Winter X Games Not in HD!

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I can understand not 100% HD coverage, but I would of thought ESPN would have covered part of Winter X this year in HD! Seeing Aspen and the action in HD would have been great! We can only wish next year!
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The summer games were not in HD either... go figure.
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I was actually just coming here to ask about that. I don't watch much sports but my basic hd package through comcast includes espn2hd (but not espnhd, weirdly.) I do love the x games though. And I just happen to notice on the guide it was on and tuned in. And I was dismayed at the low quality, very pixelated. So its upconverted sd then? Actually kind of a relief, I thought it was just poor 720p scaling on my westy 37w3. I dont watch much in 720p, mostly 1080i and was horrified at the picture on the x games. At this point in time, I dont see why everything isn't shot in hd. At the rate hd sets are coming down in price, the penetration of hd is going to increase significantly in just a few years. They should really get on the ball with hd content. Then again, they're so lazy, they won't even get rid of the garbage that shows up at the top of my screen, [sarcasm]stupid 1:1 pixel mapping, always showing me the full picture without overscan[/end sarcasm].
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