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door entrance pics please

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Hi folks, previously, we had a thread regarding screenshots of pre and post screen installation. I would like to see your door entrance. This way, I will have an idea on how to design mine. Can you please post it as well?

Thanks in advance!

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None of these are mine I had them on my Hard Drive. The Cinema Paridiso belongs to forum member Dcostanza. The 2 similiar ones are by a company in the DC area.

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Thank you very much!

Can others please post as well?
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I still need to add my ht name over the maquee and then I can begin finishing the interior.

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I will forever love Gonzo's entry door. Such a nice look.

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Wow, those are awesome!!! My theater is very very slow due to budget. I want to do it the right way too like what you guys have been doing. I'm still reading other member's threads and am learning a lot.

Thanks again!
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Here is the inside view [from theater side of door]of one of my doors, the main door is similiar but has a section with a mirror on it and it is not hung yet.

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The entryway to Gollum's Cave Theater (LOTR style) currently under design and construction. The entryway construction was suggested by Gonzo. Thanks Gonzo. We have enjoyed the old design and are looking forward to the remodel when the budget allows. The remodel design is still carefully being considered and any suggestions are welcome. A thread such as this was on my list of things to do so I am glad it's being covered.

Looking at the door to the entryway from inside the home. The future snack area (old kitchen with remodel too) is off to the right.

The candy counter is being moved out. The plan is to put a counter top with lamps beginning above the lower outlet on the far wall. Holes in the top of the counter run ac to lamps. There needs to be an access panel located above where the wooden signs are now to get to the conduit. That will run into the equipment closet on the other side of the far wall. A back lit sign with the theaters name will replace the clock that is on a switch. Installed in the counter will be a cool-cube to draw heat out of the equipment closet and allow ventilation to the theater. (acoustic treatments also in the equipment closet) The television is also being removed from the room.

Door to the theater.

Exit of the entryway. (under design)

Media storage and collectibles will go in the equipment closet as well I think. It all should look great by this time next year if things go as planned.
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This is a strange thread, it began on Jan 29, 2007 and got one reply on Jan 30, 2007. Now almost a year later it was revived on New Year's Eve of all days. That's a good thing for me! I've had my HT completed since Jan, 2005 and I've still not done anything with the entrance doors. We have double doors entering our HT. They are actually insulated steel exterior doors and they're white on both sides. I've hated them for three years and have to do something. If anyone out there has some interesting double entry doors, show me some pics.
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Originally Posted by Jeff Hovis View Post

If anyone out there has some interesting double entry doors, show me some pics.

Here are some shots of our double doors:

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I don't have a special doorway (yet), just a themed poster at the landing.

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They aren't the actual entrance doors right now, but they ARE in my theater (closet doors). One day they will be the entrance doors:

And they don't look nearly that blue in person.
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Ohmigod dbroome, I thought you were joking about voice recognition and the door opening...I read your door construction thread in the link at the bottom of the post. All I can say is "bravo".
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Entrance redo

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hey i finally get to post one of these "show me your" threads. My entry door open. it is a pocket door that slides out from the columns.


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Some really nice doors here folks, well done!

Here are a few pics of my theatre door. It is a couple of solid "slabs" with green-glue in between with a cherry finish. Zero International Sound seals and hinges and threshold.

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Geaux Zone Entrance, still need to add marquee....
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You all are lucky to have the space to make those cool entrances! Mine is like C-not-K's just steps that lead to the basement! The most I can do is put up some movie posters and some sort of Marquee.
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I moved a door for an equipment closet to behind the candy counter that was previously in the HT.

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Here's mine:

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From Mayflower Construction Thread

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I had space limitations, so went for a simplistic look...

And from the inside...
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here's mine.....

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Well Done
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On a related note to door entrance pics, does anyone have any detailed pictures of their door SEALS?

Bottom and sides would be helpful. Threshold seals, etc. Whatever you got.
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That's a great question! Door seals have been on my mind lately, I'd love ideas and specifics. I imagine using a solid core exterior door, complete with base plate/metal strip with rubber or something to butt up against the door bottom.

Most of the doors posted above look like the door is simply mounted closer to the floor, so the door almost rests on the carpet. I can't imagine that's really the case, a door rubbing on carpet would drive me nuts.
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These are some amazing approaches to the builds. I love when people take a classic look. The bridge is right up my alley Kudos! to you !
Here is mine
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