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Escient Fireball Software/Firmware

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I have an original Escient Fireball that recently lost its drive. I was wondering if anyone had the software or a image of a HD. I want to get it going again and put a new drive in but it just ejects the rom looking for software? I am not in a position to purchase a new unit and not to thrilled to send it in. I am looking for the software to put on the drive or any info on how to get it going.

Thanks for the help,
Keep Trying
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Have you tried Escient's customer service?
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I have the same issue with an E-40. When it boots up I says "Unable to find software on this unit - retrying automatically. Please check your network connections." Why I should check my networking connections I don't know but I did run SpinRite disk recovery software on the drive and it didn't help. Customer service says I have to send it in because they don't have repair disks. They also said they have to manually enter in the MAC address of the LAN hardware to make the LAN work. So I guess that means I'll be unable to just mirror someone else's drive and have a fully functioning system.
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I have just purchased an escient h40 and I intend to install a new HD. If I am successful, I could send you the image. please see my post dated 4/17/07
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I have an original E-40 that I've had for years. The Hard Drive just went out and I wanted to replace it. I can put the new hard drive in but don't have any OS software.

Does anyone know where we can get the software or any information on how to set it back up?

I'd hate to have to throw it away for something as simple as a hard drive replacement.
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Send it back to Escient. I had an SE-80 go bad, and they took care of it for me. VERY quick turnaround ( like they fixed it the day they got it and it shipped back that day )

As I understand it, the software on the HD has to match the MAC of the unit, so you can not just mirror a working hard drive. That is also why they won't just ship you a new HD to install yourself.

BTW, if anyone has an E2-40 that they would like to trade for an SE-80 with a new hard drive, please let me know.
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How much did the replacement HD cost?
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nothing...and I was pretty sure it was out of warranty...
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Good to hear! I'm not the original owner but I hope to hear the same message back from them today.
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anybody still looking for HDD Recovery for his Escient Music server,
send me a private massage.
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got new Escient software Recovery For:

SE Series v4.2.9.3
MX Series v4.2.5.6

PM me if you are intrested.
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So you could throw in a new 500gb HD and reinstall the software with no problems?
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I know how you feel.
My Escient Tunebase Pro MKII went out on me.
It still works, BUT it does NOT DIAL OUT to get the new
updates, for discs and track titles.
I was on the Phone with Escient, and it appears that the
MODEM went out.
Now, I have to send it back, it will cost about $150 to repair,
I`m NOT happy with this AT ALL.
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Send it back, I had the HD go out on my Fireball and was told the same thing and two days later i had a new and bigger HD in the Fireball and only paid for shipping it to Escient. Great company to work with!
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Originally Posted by cnsskasg View Post

OP has done his research and just needs confirmation that his understanding is correct (it is). No one is going to jump all over him for that. Only thing I would add is that wireless may be unreliable for high bitrate content, so you should really try to get a wired connections.

What he can learn from your post is that no one wants to help a dickhead.

What are you talking about and who are you calling a dickhead?
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did get my old HDD to clone.
But my new larger drive shows to be the same size as my old smaller HDD.
Any idea why?
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Originally Posted by maoten View Post

got new Escient software Recovery For:

SE Series v4.2.9.3
MX Series v4.2.5.6

PM me if you are intrested.

I'm not sure if Maoten is still around, but did anyone else perhaps get the Escient Recovery Software for the MX Series from him that could share with me?

Thanks a bunch!
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Me too! I also would Love to get a hold of the MX series recovery disc. Please let me know if you have it or can get it.

thanks so much!
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I just got a used Fireball DVDM-300 with a hard drive that is toast, does anyone have or can direct me to the software to get it up and running?

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Can anyone tell me if the DVDM-300 software would work on an SE-80?

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If anyone was the software for the SE series or E2, could you please send me a PM?
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I'm in the same boat with a fireball SE 80 with a bad hard drive. If someone has a drive image and the method of setting the mac address in the drive image it would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm in the same frustrating situation --- my e2-100 HDD has failed and I'm looking for an image CD (or .ISO file) for it.

I'd also be willing to compensate...

Many thanks,
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I have an E2-300 but recently bought an MX-531. If anyone has the firmware for this please send me a PM.
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I know this is an old thread but if anyone has the mx series recovery, i would greatly appreciate if you could PM me, thanks
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