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So, much for customer service!
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Originally Posted by Carl7 View Post

I have a failed keypad and apparently the company cannot fix it or even have another to purchase. As a result I have a whole in my wall and I am unable to take full advantage of my system. Does anyone have an idea where I can obtain either a used keypad or replacement keypad? The system is only three years old and I cant believe there are no alternatives.

I'd imagine if the construction is similar to my audio quest F2 server, they will have exquisitely and carefully manufactured your keypad to the highest visible standards from the cheapest sub-assemblies possible, in order to maximise profit. It should be possible to remake your keypad with alternative parts.

If you are in the UK, it's possible I can find you a solution, I'm pretty good with hardware repair and substitution. Either PM me or respond on this thread, and we'll see what can be done.

After a using a bit of lateral thinking and trying to BUY parts, instead of obtaining service, I eventually got the email address of the european service person, who could maybe fix my player for 500-800 euro's but declined to supply me with a replacement "imaged" hard disc, which is what I really want to get my hands on. They also want 300euros plus the 500Euro service fee to replace the 50$ Azza 810DTC motherboard that was originally fitted.

Now don't get my posts wrong here, they are entitled to charge whatever they like, (the user interface they came up with is spectacularly good, and they deserve paying for that), and MAYBE their original purchasers who stumped up the premium initial price get better support, than the likes of me. (Or any, for that matter)

But when their service guy offered me a "deal" on their newer product, I just thought "No!" I like to keep things for a long time, and maintain my own things when they need it, and this just isn't that sort of kit...

I so hope a UK firm gets their act together in this sector of the market soon.
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Hey they did!
I now own a Cambridge Audio Azur 640h Hard disk player.
It's better in may ways. Boots up quicker, Sounds better, is built really nicely, and the company still provides support...
Got me a restore disc for the hard drive FOC, (just in case) too!
And of course a new unit cost less than the minimum cost repair to my audio request would have.
Bye, bye, ReQuest...
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The fan on my F series power supply began to scream and then died. I was able to replace the power supply with a green Antec earthwatts 380W for $43. While I was at it, I upgraded my hard drive also. Went from 160gb to a 250gb unit. for $35.

Used EaseUS Copy to clone the original. Then I used Gparted live cd to extend the original EXT3 partition to gain the extra space. Both software programs are freeware.

The unit works like new and now I have the original drive as a backup. So, if you want to put the time in, you can service them yourself at a considerable cost savings.
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I have an IQ.IMS and 8 TS35 touch screens on my system. I also have both the 80 Watt per channel and 60 Watt per channel amplifiers on my system which is controlling 10 zones. I would like to purchase a few spare TS35's. If anyone has retired an older IQ.IMS system and would like to sell their old TS35 touch screens, please Email me through a private message in this forum.
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I have almost finished building my house and wish to fully automate my music and movie libraries as well as them being on line.
My research suggests that ReQuest is the way to go. Do you have a outlet / dealer in Australia? I am based in perth, Western Australia.

many Thanks;

Paul Mier
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