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How to distribute JRMC/Music/Media across the house

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I hope this is the right place to ask this, I am new here.

I will be building a new house this year, and would like to do the A/V right in this house.
Today I have my PC connected to my amplifier, and that's is it. So I can play music in the living room.

I should say I am a novice in this.

I would like to be able to play different music in different rooms at the same time, but also to be able to watch photos and film from the PC on my TV.

My budget is limited, so I would like your recommendations on what type of eg. amplifier I should get, recommendable ceiling speakers etc. What kind of cabling, etc.

I also plan on putting up an small touchscreen running JRMC in theather view or running Meedio with JRMC plugin.

Any help or advice appreciated.
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Welcome, happy to help where we can. A few questions:

What type of amplifier? How many channels? Do you control volume via your PC?

Also, how many different rooms in how many zones will you have? Do you have other PCs that you want to also use to control music?

here's a thread with some sample wiring diagrams that may help. You don't need to use the same software mentioned, i'm sure JRMC will be fine, just read the wiring bit of it.
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Thanks for your input.

When you ask what type of amplifier, I have no clue what to answer, I am newbie.
Is channels = zones?
I heard of an amplifier called T-amp is this something that would useful for this

Rg. zones

Zone 1: 4-6 speakers (in ceiling/wall, spread across the kitchen and living room - one big room 75 sq.m) However I would like to be able to disable the sound in kitchen and eating section, if I am watching movie in living room, and thereby using the 2 speakers there for video sound.

Should this instead be an extra zone? But can you in some case send the same to 2 zones and at others not?

Touch screen in zone 1 to control entire installation.

Zone 2 Bedroom and Bathroom - TV and PC input - 2 ceiling speakers

Zone 3 - Garage

Zone 4 - Outdoor

I would like to have some kind of volume controls in the zone 2-4 - but do not know of any products for this?

I would also like to be able to hook the childrens PCs on to the media server from their rooms. But I guess this is just CAT5 cables that should do this.
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You said you had a PC hooked up to an amplifier today. What type of amplifier is that, brand name & model #, # of channels, wattage.
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It is a Kenwood, only one channel, 110W, with built in radiotuner.
Kenwood KR-V8090
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Scrap the Meedio/JRMC idea, as Meedio is no longer. Not even sure the website is still up. You Kenwood is a basic surround sound reciever and would only be good for one zone...unless you wish to play the same music to all the rooms in the house. What you need is a basic zoning amp like this one:
It will provide 12 mono channels for 12 zones, or 6 stereo pairs for 6 zones (or any configuration in between).

The T-amp is a 15W stereo amplifier. You would need at least 3 of these amp (zone 2/3/4), and even then, you may be dissappointed at the lack of power output.

Next you have to decide on your source. You say you have a limited budget. I know very well the squeeze, and what I would recommend is to use Xlobby (www.xlobby.com), a couple of Audigy cards (off ebay) using the KXdrivers, and a winamp instance for each zone. This would give you six zones to connect to the amp. Xlobby uses what is called XNet to communicate to Xlobby clients. This said, you could use a simple PPC handheld to control the system and each zone. Or you could use touchscreens, or even whole computers in other rooms. Best part...all the software mentioned above is free (unless you decide to donate). Check out my site at mayhem.prod.googlepages.com to see how I'm doing it...on a budget at that.

For speakers...again your looking at a budget, I would look at the Dayton in-ceiling speakers at PartsExpress. One of the guys over at the Xlobby forums bought some who I've been talking to and he is very pleased with his set.

Wiring...this is one area not to skimp. On average, I read here that people have spent up to $5000+ on wiring...though they are totally futureproofed. This includes speaker 14/2 wire, RG6 drops, CAT5e or CAT6 cabling. You don't want to make a mistake here as (learned from experience) it is a pain to have to open the walls to add more drops.

Hope this was helpful.
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Meedio 1.41 can be still had and many consider is still the best. Lots of plugins still available.
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