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I need cables - S-video, composite, etc. Momoprice has lots of choices. Do I get the cheapest, middle price???

Also - for composite, is the yellow cable different from the red?

Thanks, CB
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As a professional installer i would say go with the less expensive if you have a regular TV, and/or a non HD cable box. but if your hooking up a $5000 LCD and are paying an extra $20-$30 a month for HD programming use the midgrade cable at the least, ...as for the yellow RCA its no different then the red or white...yellow denotes VIDEO when red/shiteare audio
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If you are looking for a great deal on all types of cables, check out showmecables on the web. They are a really knowledgeable company, and they offer all types of cables at great prices.
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Monoprice is so inexpensive, I don't mind paying a little more for their better quality stuff. But, Powerman makes a good point on the SD vs HD display.

With Monoprice's prices and quality, they have a lifelong customer in me. I just saved hundreds of $ wiring my theater and rec room by using monoprice's products.
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Settle for nothing less then silver interconnects from www.kimber.com period.
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Sorry for my ignorance, but exactly what hdmi cable from monoprice do I need to connect my Mits HDTV to the STB. Thanks!
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I'd go with something the 24-gauge (24AWG) range from this page:

Get the shortest length you can - 6 feet (Part ID 2219) works for most if the STB is just above or below your TV.
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Thanks Bluto, just placed an order.
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