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Maggie Gyllenhaal does a excellent job playing the lead role in this independant film. Sherry is a recovering addict just released from prison trying to put her life back together but faces a uphill battle. Her performance earned her a Golden Globe nomination and I can't think of a better actress for this role after watching it.


Warning: If you are offended by seeing Maggie Gyllenhaal naked, don't watch this movie
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Thanks for the tip. Good, new movies are becoming a rare commodity nowadays.

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I saw Sherrybaby this past weekend and I liked it. Maggie G. did a great job as well as the supporting cast members and yeah...this ain't no family pixxx .
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The trailer makes the movie look really sad. I'm still going to see it because Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of my favorite actresses.
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I'd have to say my favorite actress these days is Maggie G. After all the talk about this being her serious Academy winning dramatic break-out role, I have to say she didn't convince me. She was too pretty, cheerful, and upper mid class in sensibility and mannerisms to really imagine her going through what she went through.

Yes, plenty of pretty, classy and cheerful women have hit rock bottom with drug addictions, and I've known a couple, but their personalities were pretty thoroughly and sadly transformed in the process. Maggie G didn't quite get there for me, and I just didn't believe her. For most of the dudes she did, she'd have to be drugged out of her gord or in the deepest throes of despair and depravity. Her acting fell short in either case. It just wasn't happening for me, even though as I say I'm a huge fan.
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I don't think Sherry was portrayed as being classy. Leaving the office at the job interveiw she told the janitor "What the F**K you looking at" and she was ready to kick the crap out of anyone that looked at her funny ( with her large lanky (sexy) frame she would have kicked some serious ass). Maggie's character was not of a drug addict, but of a recovering drug addict. She had not used for 2 1/2 years. If we had seen her before she went in, I'm sure she would have looked like hell warmed over since she said from the age of 15 to 22 that heroin was her bestfriend. The only time she was happy or cheerful was when she was with her daugther or with the kids in the school.
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I liked this movie. The story/theme is nothing new but the movie was well done and believable. I don't know what part of the movie made Sherry seem cheerful or classy, or at least my definition of cheerful or classy. I think we got a hint why Sherry was stripping at 16 and on H - the birthday part scene with her dad...

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