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Distributed Video Strategy

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I'm trying to find the best way to distribute HD video around the house.
My ideas are as follows:

Wiring: All wiring from the AV cab to any one room's TV:
either 5 RG6Q, three for component video and either two for stereo RCA or 1 for digital coax

I was thinking of mini RGB for the component video but from what I've been reading RG6Q cable is fine, and less expensive. However it is tougher to run than the flexible mini rgb.

For control I wanna run a cat5 to each TV location.

for control, a Xantech system with distribution blocks and IR receivers to carry the signals back to their appropriate components.

For video, CE Labs's HD Video Distribution block. It passes component, stereo RCA audio, composite, and digital coax to like four locations or something. So I'd have to have one of these for every component I send to a room. Therefore, if I want to send DVD and Digital Cable signals and control which input displays a component I choose off the TV's input, I need to have 5 RG6Q cables for each (that's 10 total!) to each location.

So what do y'all think so far?

If everything is copacetic at this point then I only have two real questions. Can RG6Q be used for flawless HD distribution (I'm talking 1080i, so not true HD which is like 1080p as far as I'm concerned) and can RG6Q be used for flawless digital coax audio transmission?

Lastly, if I'm going to have a distributed audio system as well, and wish to use the same remote for both systems, aside from locating the IR receivers for both systems on opposite sides of each room so as not to send any unintended signals to a system, is there anything else I should be concerned about?

Thanks you guys. Aloha!
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Since you're doing multiple sources to multiple locations, it sounds like a Matrix Switcher is a simpler, and potentially more economical solution. It would definitely be an easier-to-use solution.

If you're set on Cat-5 distribution, our AVAtrix could be a nice solution, but based on the components you've decided to use, it would probably be outside your current budget for the project.

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Well I'm not searching for a rock bottom price to this project, I just want something that's priced well for its capabilities. The AVAtrix looks friggin' badass...it may just be the ticket. Multiple inputs and multiple outputs all in one switchable machine over Cat5! This is perfect....of course, I haven't looked at pricing yet. Which I will be doing right now. This appears to be exactly what I am looking for.
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