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i am posting here as i could find a better "fit";
my purpose is to provide information to those
considering any unit with tv guide os (tvgos).

it is my experience that the implementation of tvgos
is sufficiently flawed that manufacturers should either
cease to embed this or provide the function to completely disable.

here are some of my experiences (w/ a toshiba rd-xs34):

. there is no avenue to report problems to the program listings,
such as in my area, the movie network's channels "mmore" and "mfun"
are reversed in the guide making recording these channels
via the listing impossible.

. it takes weeks to get the guide downloaded,
and then it is incomplete

. the inability to disable the tvgos

. the lack of a documented (other than my earlier post) to record w/ satellite
(i now have cable)

. the fact that the tvgos web site refers to the manufacturer for support
and the manufacturer (toshiba in my case) refers back to tvgos;
in other words, we got your money, too bad too sad.

in my case, i am lucky as i purchased my unit @ costo,
and since toshiba canada refuses to support products purchased from costco;
i will be returning the unit, and costco will return the unit to toshiba.

the concept of tvgos is great,
unfortunately (in my experience)
the implementation was deficient.

hopefully this will help others from stepping into this "trap"