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Although I use VLC for playing DVDs, I have always liked NicePlayer, at least partly because it is much smaller than VLC, but mostly because it has the best user interface I have ever seen on a media player.

The good news is that a new version is out and it is getting very close to a full, excellent DVD player. This version, in addition to very nice new graphics, adds the ability to display subtitles. The only feature still missing to make it a full DVD player is digital audio pass-thru. This is, of course, on the programmers list of things to do, but no date has been given for that feature.

Nice Player has plug-in architecture which should be nice if people write more plug-ins for it. Currently, it comes with four plug-ins: Quicktime, DVDPlayer, Core Video and Xine.

Also, while VLC currently has a small problem playing a series of videos, Nice Player does not have that problem.

You can grab it (it's free) here: