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Need ideas

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Well im 16 and just bought a projector for my room for fun to play xbox 360 on and watch movies so im making this thread to ask questions. first off i am looking for a cheap way to make a screen i dont want to spend $300 plus on a screen really dont wanna spend $100 plus. before anyone says anything yes i know making home theaters is exspensive im just trying to make something cool out of my room so dont hate. i made a ceiling mount for my projector, i also already have a reciever my dad gave me. so i am really just concerned with making a screen ad getting some speakers. if anyone has suggestions on some good farily cheap options for both things please let me know

here is my projector hanging from roof it is a panasonic pt-l300u

here is a rendering i did of my room if anyone can think of a better layout please let me know i was thinking bout getting bunk beds and putting them on the wall the screen isnt on so i can but a tv under the screen and move the screen down some on the wall so i can view it more comftorably (the projector hangs just in front of the desk)
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If you search these forums, you'll find lots of pointers to paint that you can buy and paint straight on the wall, or on a flat board of some sort (such as good-quality plywood) to make a very good screen.
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I built my first screen with a material called parkland plastics. It can be found in some home centers. I made a simple wood frame and wrapped it in black felt. It turned out really nice and worked surprisingly well. Do a search on DIY screen or parkland plastics.
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