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Why are discussions allowed that tell how to cheat retailers?

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This is becoming a problem in some threads at AVS. Here's just one of the threads, where basically the last two pages are a discussion of how to take advantage of chains return policies....ie by one get one free...remove stickers and return to competitor for another title or cash etc.


I surprised that AVS (especially as a retailer) allows this type of discussion to go on. And yes, I have clicked on the repost post and pointed out the discussion. I would hope we are cultivating ethics and honesty within the AVS community. I would personally like to see member's loose their posting priv. for those types of discussions. Discussing ways to cheat someone out of their money does nothing to promote this hobby.
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We do no condone such action of course, but we also do not police and see each post made. (Or follow threads for that matter.) People have talked about such things from time to time on this site was well as others. We try to remove such things as seen or pointed out.

I see you have reported two, but they have either not been looked into as of yet, or it did not come off as a major issue by one member as it was just mentioned in passing. If it was more or less in passing, it just may be let go vs "Hey, here is a way to rip off so and so."

Thanks for the note.
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Here's a couple of examples:

Originally Posted by BBS G35
Was anybody able to pull something like this off? Did you use a gift receipt to pull it off? Was anybody able to do it without a receipt?

I doubt i can exchange them at Walmart since these movies have one sticker, and one sticker only on them, and that one sticker says "Best Buy" on it.

I was able to exchange four Blu-rays(2 on each visit) at Wal-mart couple of weeks back when Bestbuy had this BOGO sale. But on the second time the person at the Customer Service had to get Manager's approval. He said that if I exchange without receipt more than once in certain period of time, the system will automatically blacklist me/

Did your movies from best buy have "best buy" stickers on them. Did you return the movies with any sort of sticker on them?

Then the other member went on to explain about removing the stickers so that it didn't tear the wrapping....he may have or a mod may have deleted the response thread earlier today.


Originally Posted by DOHC
are you sure they'll let me return it without the receipt?

If you are referring to Walmart, then yes, as long as the UPC's are the same you shouldn't have any problem. Apparently, as someone posted earlier in the thread, some stores may get exclusive UPC's. I would say write the UPC # down on a piece of paper and leave the disc in the car. Walk into Walmart, check the UPC and if it matches, go get your disc and return it.


It does appear that someone has gone through and cleaned up much of the discussion. Again, I'm not talking about people taking advantage of poorly worded ads....though I personally think it's unethical...it certainly isn't illegal. I'm talking members suggesting to buy from one retailer on a buy one get one free, removing the stickers and returning the items for cash at another retailer or other variations on the scam.
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Yes, totally understand what you mean. Did not take it any other way.
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