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Qestions about Sony HDR-SR1

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I'm tempted to buy a Sony HDR-SR1 but have a couple of questions

bear in mind I have a baby due VERY soon so may not be able to wait until the HC5 or HC7 are released

1) how much can I film before the HDD is full (in Hi-def)?
2) are any companies working on getting their video editors to work with AVCHD? and if so, does anyone know of any timescales 'til we can see these? (I know about the workaround but that will take too long and too much HDD space!), I can just archive to the PC for the time being
3) What's the quality like compared to the HC3 which I owned before (until it does the other week)?
4) What's the SR1 like in low light compared to the HV10 or the HC3?
5) What resolution does the SR1 record at? (I know that HDV is limited to 1440x1080i)

any help would be greatly appreciated
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I can answer the low light question for you, terrible! Looks very good in areas with good light or during the day, but when I've tested in my home during night, SD quality. My wifes initial response was it cost too much to look like this. In other words not impressed with the pq in dimmly lit areas. I used the included software and burned it onto a dvd+r, then played back on my ps3.
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I have the HDR-SR1. It works great! It has 2 HD modes XD & HD.
XD mode records 4 hours
HD mode records 7 hours (and still looks great!)

bad: HD mode SLOW MOTION looks bad.
(tho XD looks very good but not as high quality as full motion!??!!)

The SR1 does like any digital camera in low light....its OK to bad.
(the IR light is fine if you like that green/white effect)

EDITING: on Pent. 4 ; 3 Ghz, running XP sp2, 2 Gig Ram, GeForce 6200

Pinnacle 11 is easy to work with but playback is useless.
Ulead's Studio 11 ,harder to work with, but playback is good.
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I have this model and I love it! I think it can record 4 to 11 hours of high-definition footage, depending on the video setting and 7 to 20 hours of standard-definition footage, depending on the video setting. I just swapped the hard drive with a 60G, it took about 10 minutes. I got the drive for $50 shipped, not bad for double the recording time!
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