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Hi all,
Recently added a Paradigm CC290 v.5 center channel replacing a CC170 v.4.
A big improvement. Dialogue is dramatically improved. Much more clear and a much wider range of sound as well.
I had the 170 sitting atop the plasma on a shelf with two back "legs" supporting the rear of the shelf sitting on the credenza.
I put the 290 on the same shelf and realized this is a very bad idea. The 290 has to be at least twice the weight of the 170 and I was very worried about damaging the tv by having so much weight sitting on it.
I attached a shelf to the wall for the 290 and am much relieved hehehe. It also looks much better.
Here is a recent photo:
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I'd get those bookshelf speakers on some stands so that you can then place the stuff you have on top of them to the sides. I think it would look better, otherwise it looks good!
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That's a good idea with the shelf above the TV.
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