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don't talk about them too much, I've put together a couple of systems for poor friends by cobbling together fronts, rears, and centers off E-bay (they're undervalued).
I still have a set of them myself, I have enjoyed many of their models over the years.
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Good to see so many happy Mission owners here!

I currently have the following in my theater room:
Mission M74i Fronts
Mission M7C1i Center
Mission M30i Rears (Would have got the M7DS but they were no longer sold locally)

And I have the following in my music room:
Mission 760i Bookshelfs
Mission MS8 Sub (I agree that their subs are pretty weak when compared to say, Paradigm/Energy subs)
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Originally Posted by Jake Sm View Post

don't talk about them too much, I've put together a couple of systems for poor friends by cobbling together fronts, rears, and centers off E-bay (they're undervalued).
I still have a set of them myself, I have enjoyed many of their models over the years.

yeah they are undervalued. i just came across a new cnet thread on a person looking into missions and they actually provided a link to this thread! i posted on it and did proce some calculations on my setup which i had never done really.

essentially over at tsto i got a setup of missions with an MSRP of $997 for $428 including shipping! i was actually shocked to see the numbers.

in the recent weeks i have noticed tsto has almost doubled it's in stock line of missions. meaning they have almost doubled the number of different speaker models they had when i got mine originally. they even have a sub now.

it would be great IMO to see them get their due and become a force again here in the U.S. i almost feel bad that they are so undervalued and underecognized. i am also amazed that so many people disregard my recommendations on them and instead opt for subpar polks and infinity etc. guess
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Well also to be fair, my experiance with the newer models (last 5 years) hasn't been quite as good and some friends say the company is having an identity crisis and it's relative quality now seems hit and miss depending on specific model.
Same seems to be true of Mirage and a few others of late.
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I have a pair of Mission 780 Argonauts from about the mid 80's that I still use to this day. I've always loved the sound of them.
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guys. i have decided to move my front m70's into my computer room so i can enjoy that mission sound with my pc. this affords me two things: 1- i can upgrade my computer sound system 2- i can upgrade my mains a bit. basically i kill 2 birds w/ one stone and get good sound in both areas all for the price of a "decent" - i use that term loosely- pc speaker system.

so i was planning to go with the m31 ovet at tsto. it looks like it has very close specs to the m70- with a little better quality, better bass extension, build etc.- plus they are black and will match my center and m7ds better. so i am assuming it will team up well with the m7c1 center. any thoughts on this? will probably do this next week. link to m31's http://www.tsto.com/cgi-bin/TSTO.sto...duct/View/2321
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m31s are a fine little speaker and will team beautifully with, and match visually, the m7c1. I have their immediate predecessor the m71i as rears in my 7.1 system as noted earlier in this thread and they are to all intents and purposes, the same speaker.

When I first got them home, I plugged them in temporarily as front L/R in place of my M74s just to listen for a bit. Clearly they lacked a bit in base extension and sheer oomph' in comparison in my large (4m x 10m) room but they were absolutely sweet otherwise. In fact they were so competent, I left them there for about two weeks and lost very little overall enjoyment of my movies and music for that period. Seemed almost a pity to relegate them to the rears.

The m32s (if available anywhere) would be a little more at home in a large room but in all other ways, you will be extremely happy with the 31s.
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thanks lpm you were just the person i was hoping would answer. you seem to know a LOT about the mission lines out there and are a wealth of knowledge. my room is less than the size of yours. about 20 feet long and 13 feet wide. the m70 power it quite well but i really like the look of the m31 and feel it would give an even greater sound in my room. and also be a nice speaker for when we evenutally move into a larger home without having to upgrade immediately.

i will be getting them next week. so that will give me the mc1i center, m31's as fronts, m7ds at the sides and one pair of my trusty m70's in the rears. overall i think for my room size it is a very nice system. and now i'll have my an extra pair of m70 which i will enjoy at my computer desk. life can be good ...
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You'll love them. Play them in gently for a few hours and don't forget to post your impressions. They work well with the plugs out and a bit of space behind them to the wall, at least 6in. Personally, I think they sound even better a few feet out though that loses a tad of base.
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Originally Posted by lpm View Post

You'll love them. Play them in gently for a few hours and don't forget to post your impressions. They work well with the plugs out and a bit of space behind them to the wall, at least 6in. Personally, I think they sound even better a few feet out though that loses a tad of base.

i have my m70 exactly 12 inches from the wall on sand filled stands and would imagine that the m31's will reside in the same spot. well, they will be residing on the stands of course but it think in my room 12 inches from the wall is the distance they will sit at. i could move them out an inch or 2 if need be but not too much more.

i will definitely post my impressions.
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Sand filled stands are perfect and 12in would be fine.
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lpm i just ordered the m31's and should be receiving them next week. i noticed in the pictures- on the back of them they have 4 binding posts and a crossover plate? how do i utilize this if i am not doing anything special? all they will be used for is the mains in my system. just replacing the m70 nothing fancy.

picture of rear of m31 for clarification purposes:

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Four posts give you the option to biwire the speakers. Plenty of threads on this forum and articles on the net as to what this means so just read those rather than starting more of such discussions in this thread. Tends to get pretty heated particularly from those that think it's a waste of copper and time. Bottom line is if you choose to biwire you remove the plates and connect the four wires appropriately, if not such as using standard 2 wire connections (that I presume you already have), leave the plates in place and connect your existing wires to one of the red and one of the black terminals. Your current wires will sound fine. The manual I presume you will get in the box describes the connections quite well.
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ok cool thats what i thought. sorry i knew the four posts were for bi wiring. i just thought the opposite on the plate- thought you removed it if you weren't going to use it for biwire.

the manuals i have gotten so far - even though i didnt need them really dont say a whole lot.
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Mission 704a owner. Never heard of or spoke to anyone else with these floorstanding monsters!

Tri-wirable with active bass cones. I have the HF and MF bi_wired on a Roksan Caspian and have a Cyrus power amp driving the LF.

They were £800 when released in 1998 and i picked them up for £400 in mid 2000.

Recently home trialed Monitor Audio Gold Signature 20s and the Missions blew them out the water!!!!

Had a demo of other louspeakers in the same price range and nothing could touch them!

Anyone else out there heard or have the Mission 704...love to hear what you think.
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My company is selling a set of M74's and M53's... Both were used for show stock....

I know the M74's used to retail for about $700 a pair but does anyone know anything about the M53's??? How much did they used to retail for?
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nice thread!

- I have an old pair of Mission 733's I brought over from England year ago - I still like them, but have been trying to upgrade with a 6.1 setup for my Onkyo TX-SR600

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anyone else have the m31's here? i was curious if you are setting the crossover @ the standard 80 for LFE. just curious what you guys are setting your xover point at and the results and impressions you have found.

lpm when you had the m71 set up as mains for awhile how did you set your crossover?
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Going from memory in Oz dollars, 74s were about $1300 RRP and the later M53s a bit under the $2000 RRP. Gives you a rough ratio but I wouldn't bet my house on its accuracy though.


I am lucky with my receiver that I can adjust crossover on the fly and found that I liked the 90hz point in my room with the 71s whereas I have found 80hz best with the m74s. Note that this is for small' all around for a 7.1 setup, not a stereo only crossover which I didn't try with the 71s. I tend to use the 74s full range for stereo direct. To be honest, the Missions have been so seamless with my M&K sub that there is very little in it. Even after doing the RS meter and graph thing (with the m74s only), very little difference between 70, 80 or 90hz crossover points and I settled on the 80hz after prolonged listening as much from my ears as from any graph.
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Originally Posted by exerciseguy View Post

I'm the proud owner of a pair of M32i I picked up for $175 during the Amazon blowout a while back.

I'm considering picking up a pair of M70 for the heck of it from STO Sound & Vision for $70. I've heard the M70 a while back and I like them. I imagine they're plenty good for a small room or office.

Well I went ahead and picked up a pair of the M70 for the spare bedroom. They are really very good & sound quite a bit larger than their smallish size would lead you to believe. They're currently being run through a Cambridge Audio 540A and all the usual British characteristics are right there. I'm pretty happy.

I've moved the M32i up front & center to the living room for now. They're coupled to a NAD L53, but this won't last long as the wife is not to fond of big black boxes. I'm strongly considering replacing them with either the Ohm Acoustic Microwalsh Tall, or more likely, something from the new AV123 X-Series. most likely the X-LS SWG or X-Pro, or maybe the X-Omni, I'm just going to have to wait & see.

In the sub $100 category, the M70 really don't have ANY competition. Grab them up while you can, they won't last too much longer.
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but this won't last long as the wife is not to fond of big black boxes.

Big! With M53s I could understand this but bookshelves!!
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thanks. my elite has adjustable xover on the fly. right now with the m70 it is set to 80. just curious about your observations on a crossover point on the 71's which i believe you had said were very close or the replacement to the 31. the reason being in is i just relaized that i had not calibrated my x-sub correctly and after calibrating to reference it seems lke a HELL of alot of difference in sound volume wise. also seems to have really brought out the whole dynamic range of the entire system and really boosted the volume. i like the volume increase but am undecided on the amount of bass i am getting. it is fine on a dialogue driven movie but, if i want to watch say "casino royale" for instance, the LFE effects are tremendous. so much so that i get the "isn't that a bit loud?" comments from the other 1/2. usually i hate that question from her but, right now she may be right.

i either need to adjust to the proper calibration with my ears OR bump it down a bit. that being said- the little x-sub really does put out a lot of clean sound- it's almost shocking actually. and they do blend well with the right sub calibraton. and just think i've got another on preorder .

excercise guy

glad to see you are happy with the m70 as well. i am very impressed with them and believe that they are worth the original MSRP of $199 let alone the measley price of $69. as mentioned i have 2 pair of them and will keep one pair in the rear in my 7.1. the other pair- which are now my mains- will be going in my pc room and hooked up to my PC. i have already tried this with my PC and i have to say the sound compared to my old logitech satellites is incredible. i also agree that they are HANDS down the best speaker in the $100 range, and even a bit higher. i have heartily recommended them in many threads but, i guess because of name recognition they don't get a chance. the m31 will be here monday!

if you get or have already heard the x-series as compared to the mission lines- please post back with your impressions. this is somehing i was talking about with a friend recently and would be very curious to hear some input on. i wanted to know the differences especially since i have an x-sub (soon to be dual x-subs) and they blend very well. i'd like to see if the x series and the mission have ANY similarities.
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I will let you know if & when I get a chance to compare the Missions to the X-Series.
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The m31 was essentially the replacement of the m71i.

Re sub integration, I would be the last to claim any expertise and most everything I know I learned off the subwoofer forum. But I got some advice off the chap that installed and initially set up my sub that has served me well. Firstly, he was adamant that even with my front towers, setting all my Mission speakers to small was the best way to go for my system. Secondly, he asked me to first set what I thought was a good sub volume. That got things cranking. Then he smiled and set what he thought was the correct level. Initially I thought he was wrong and turned it down too far, the base just seemed to dissapear but by the time he finished his calibration, I realised he had been correct and his rough settings had been within a few db. I have used his final settings to this day other than I now prefer an 80hz crossover to the 90hz he set.

He told me as he left that as a rough first up calibration, he simply turns the sub down till he's not aware of its presence, and golly that got it pretty close. So if your setup seems a bit hot, trust your ears - I'm sure you'll get it pretty close.
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Any of you guys that have the M31 speakers want to give your opinion on how they sound. Maybe compared to other speakers you heard. I'm still deciding if I want to upgrade my fronts to the M31 or go in another direction and buy another brand.


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pete GTP,

I don't have the m31s but I do have their predecessors so comments by others will be more relevant. However, I posted (post 23) a link to a review of the m31. However, if you look at the other link (to the m71), all I can say is that this review summarises my experience of this speaker (m71) pretty much perfectly and compares to a few others. I'd be surprised if the m31 differed much.

In summary, m71 is clean, smooth, really good soundstage, quite good detail and pretty much neutral with the highs from the fabric dome tweeter just a touch emphasised but not at all fatiguing. Overall, it can't punch like a multi-driver tower but for a small bookshelf I feel it punches well above its weight. There is certainly better out there but not, in my opinion, for the price.
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Originally Posted by pete GTP View Post

Any of you guys that have the M31 speakers want to give your opinion on how they sound. Maybe compared to other speakers you heard. I'm still deciding if I want to upgrade my fronts to the M31 or go in another direction and buy another brand.



i will be receiving the m31 on monday... will be posting impressions a few days after they are set up and calibrated etc.
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I just picked up the Mission M70 surround system to to replace my Energy Take 5 system in the bedroom (my son gets the Energys). Can't beat the price for these highly reviewed speakers. Being born in the U.K. it makes me feel good to have some of their audio equipment in the house at such a reasonable price.
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It's really great to see this thread. Mission has long been one of my favorite speaker companies.

I also have a pair of M70's in my living room. I purchased them from TSTO also.
In the past I have owned the 750le and 732. Great brand I hope IAG continues the tradition.

Has anyone heard or owned the 734?

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got my m31's setup and they are fantastic. haven't had a whole lot of time to compare them side by side with the m70 but so far i can hear a wider soundstage and deeper bass extension. they also seem to pair much better with the mc1i.

i am contemplating bi-wiring just to see what all the arguments are about. but, they are already affixed to the speaker stands and i dont want to take them off to run wire up through the stands. i guess all mission bookshelves are rather deep? making it kind of tough to find a stand here in the US with a deep enough top platform, so it's a tough job to line them up on them correctly.
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