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This one should be fun... Coax-to-RCA?

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I joined up just to get assistance with this issue because I have no idea what to do. This is car related, however, the issue at hand involved converting video/audio signal and this forum seemed the most appropriate, so if I've posted in the wrong area, forgive me.

I have a DVD setup in my car that has RCA inputs. I have an SNES & NES in my tv cabinet (I never look in there). I thought to myself how cool it'd be to hook it up to my car's DVD player if it's possible. I already have a 155w inverter in my car for my fiance's breathing machine (she has bad asthma and I keep a spare breathing machine in my car just in case).

The NES has a RF output. My trouble is that there's really not a way for me to go through a VCR since I'm lacking in space and power. On the back of the NES is an RF input, but it's not the typical coaxial thread; it's a male input. Is there possibly a device made that will split the signal via a male-RF-to-RCA conversion? If I have to use the OEM TV-->Ant box (I'm sure you all remember that thing) is there something I can buy that will convert the coax cable to RCA? How could this be wired?

I'd appreciate any help you can offer. I've googled this 3 seperate ways and have only found results saying to spend $100 on a conversion accessory, or go through a VCR.
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Are you sure your NES doesn't have a composite video connector? I just checked my old one, and it has audio and video output connectors on the side of the game system.

If yours doesn't have these connectors, you will definately need some sort of demodulator to take the ch 3/4 signal and output it composite. A VCR is definately the cheapest and easiest way to do it, I think.
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Crap, I can't post a pic until I get five posts...

Sorry, I'm gonna have to do a few dump posts so I can show you the picture since I can't link to or show anything until I get 5 posts.
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Alright, sorry guys for that. I couldn't post this pic until I had 5 posts. Anyway, here's a look at my NES. Apparently some models had RCA connections, but mine definately doesn't:

The RF port is circled.
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Isn't there a Red and Yellow RCA on the right side of the NES? Mine had it. Although I don't have the NES anymore, I do have those Red and Yellow RCA cables that came with it sitting in my spare parts cabinet.

I know its weird, but they didn't put them on the back.

Check this page out:
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If you have the yellow composite video output as described above then you should be good to go plugging that directly to the dvd/monitor.

However, if you must use that RF output you will need a RF demodulator that converts the ch 3/4 signal from the NES to composite video and audio. Be careful that you don't inadvertently get a RF modulator - that does just exactly opposite of what you want to do. Again, make sure it's a demodulator.

There are a number of things on e-bay right now that will do the job including ch 3/4-specific devices (tend to be the smallest), then consider a cable box/STB (just be sure it's not stolen and has a composite video output), or TV tuner with composite video output, then as you mention, a VCR.

this or

this or


all all options and there are many others too depending on size and pricing.

If you are expecting to find some type of cable that merely connects the RF output to a video input and works, it ain't gonna happen. You need a demodulator to convert from RF to video/audio.

EDIT: I guess one must not be able to post links to Ebay. So, just replace all the astericks with ebay(dot)com in your browser address bar and then the links should take you to the right pages.
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