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I'm having a bit of an issue with my Marantz SR8002. The receiver will rarely power on. I have noticed that it will turn on if I unplug it for a few hours and plug the reviver back in. However if I turn if off for the night and turn it back on it seems to shut off completely.

Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by AudioN00b View Post

I'm having a bit of an issue with my Marantz SR8002. The receiver will rarely power on. I have noticed that it will turn on if I unplug it for a few hours and plug the reviver back in. However if I turn if off for the night and turn it back on it seems to shut off completely.

Any ideas?

sorry to hear that - its annoying when things like that happen - and funny thing is - i have a 7002 and use a logitech remote - and twice it happened when i went to start a function - it should have have put everything to it proper setting and it did and then just shut off the 7002 - seems strange to me - it happened twice - both times when my system was on with pandora lets say and i wanted to watch a dvd movie - now it could have been my remote - maybe the button was a little stuck and it sent out commands which shut it down instead etc. - who knows - but your issue just reminded me of this -
check all your connections - power etc. - and if you feel something is wrong
you can reset the unit -- check the manual as to how you reset it -

i dont remember off the top of my head - its two buttons you press at the same time in the front panel - the unit will reset - and then you have to adjust everything again - run the set up --

you can give that a try if it keeps happening - after that - call marantz to get it serviced at the last resort - hopefully its not a big issue to fix -
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I recently lost the front panel display on my SR8001. I thought I might have turned it off by accident but it doesn't appear that way. If the display is off I should have a "DISP" icon lit in the upper right corner and there is not. The only thing I haven't tried is resetting the processor. Of course this would clear all my settings including those set on the front panel. There is a slim chance it might fix the display but I'm not sure. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I just had the same "dead display" issue on my 8002. My local authorized repair shop fixed it under warranty (just). I think they said it was a couple of fried components on the power supply.

Good Luck!

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Sad news.. My SR8001 PCB got fried and I am looking to buy a refurb one , before looking to buy a diffrent make/model.

Any suggestions, anyone wanting to sell?
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Not happy. My receiver has been at the shop since September 1st and found out today that the processors kicked the bucket. During the firmware update, it ceased to operate after the procedure completed. Now I am out 250 for the two processors.

As a side note, my firmware dated from 2005 and the last version was 07. This is for a SR9600.
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Hello everyone, I have a question about my recently purchased M-ER803 Bluray Receiver. I am quite happy with it but one thing kind of bothers me: sometimes I have to press the power on button on the remote two times instead of once.

For reference, I could be pointing the remote directly at the unit, pressing power on and it would still take me two presses. Now, the weird thing is that after powering off the unit, I am able to power it back on with just one button press. This leads me to believe that it has something to do with the unit powering off entirely after a certain amount of hours or that my remote powers off entirely. I read the entire manual looking for information on this subject but could not find anything. Any ideas about this issue?
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My TV is one of the last 50" Pioneer Elite plasmas that has 720p. It does not mention ARC in the manual and I know it came out prior to 1.4a HDMI. It does have 2 HDMI inputs. What connections should I use to connect this TV to my AV7005?

Can I use one of the HDMI inputs on my TV? Or should I use another way to connect this TV to the 7005?

I love the picture on my TV, so I do not want any video adjustment on the picture on my TV. But I do have a Panasonic DVD recorder and I would like to see the video upscaled on it.

Any advise or questions? Sorry for my ignorance.
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hi - would anyone know what the marantz 7002 does when it plays a blu ray with DTS MA audio in 7.1 ?

i have the 7002 with a 5.1 setup -

i watched KICKASS in blu ray - and the 7002 display shows 7 speakers in the box on the display with Multichannel 7.1 showing

so what exactly does the 7002 do -- did it mix in the two extra channels to the fronts or the surrounds ?

i though it was strange to see the display box showing 7 speakers - when i only have 5 plus the sub.

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Guys, I am looking at maybe buying a refurb Sr6001. I noticed it does HDMI 1.2 - does this mean I cannot play 720p sources at full 720p? What else would I be missing out on against say a newer SR5005?
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I have a Marantz SR-7000 (5.1ch) AV receiver, which recently started giving an issue with its center channel output not working. Giving a jolt (picking up the front of the receiver by a few centimeters and dropping it) actually makes it work for a few minutes! (found out by accident, but now is the only way to make it work unfortunately). I opened the receiver but did not find any loose board connections. But even touching any component on the amp board (the vertical board with the five channels marked as such) made the center channel work for a few minutes after which it goes off. All other channels incl. SW work great.

I assume the issue is in the amp board, so I need some advice on fixing it since repair places are charging anywhere 150+ for even a minor repair.

1. Where can I buy the spare part for this model. It seems that there is a newer Marantz SR-7000 with 7.1ch but not sure if its part will work on the older one.

2. Is it easy enough to replace the amp board i.e. does it require soldering?

3. What would be the cost of the amp board. Would it even be worth repairing or should I just consider buying a new AV receiver?

The unit is approx 10 years old so I assume it is way outside its warranty.
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Hi, i need some help with my setup... I'm trying to hook-up my Mac Mini to my Marantz 6004 through DVI>HDMI for Video, and Mini-Toslink to Toslink for audio... I get the video, but no sound at all... I keep getting the "No Data" on the OSD... I'm using the same configuration on the mac mini that used to work on my old Denon receiver... Anyone knows what it might be?
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Hi - i have the 7002 AVR - i notice the remote sensor works only if you are in front of the unit - its very narrow - if you move to either side a few feet - the unit wont respond to any remote commands

nothing is wrong with my unit - but other people i know who have marantz say the same thing -

would anyone have a solution to this ? is there anything i can buy to add to the 7002 front window sensor in order to make it work better with remote control commands ?

thanks for any suggestions -
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I have the Marantz 7002 and a strange thing is happening

I have various components connected to it including a Bluray, DVD, DVR, HTPC, CD player. The first four are connected via HDMI cable. I have 1st HDMI output set to a Sony 55 LCD and the 2nd to an Epson projector. The front and rear sound is pre out through amps.

When I play the DVD, DVR or HTPC the audio and video comes in the same channel that I have turned the knob to 9ie DVD plays audio and video when I turned the knob to DVD). But when I play the Blu-ray player only the sound comes when I set the dial on the receiver to Blu-ray. When I turn the left knob and the display shows FM radio the video comes on that channel but there is no audio. I turn right to Bluray and there is audio of the Bluray but the video is gone.

I have tested it with 2 bluray players and also with video outputs to TV and the projector. The result is the same. I am not sure if I had set up correctly earlier on or not. Any one has had similar problems? Did I do something wrong in the menu?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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Is Marantz totally out of the business of reference receivers? I have a SR9600 and want to replace it with a similar unit.
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well, technically, marantz has been out of business for awhile now... and over the last couple years, they are basically rebadged denons...

it would not be entirely surprising if the brand disappeared completely... d&m isn't exactly awash in funds, and with the new management in place, it wouldn't shock me if they streamlined their branding...
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Hi - i just realized after running setup again on my marantz 7002 -
i noticed that the test tones show the left speaker on the marantz screen but test tone is coming out of the right speaker - and vise versa -

but what i am confused a little now - is this - i am using the pre outs of the marantz going to a EQ xlr in and out to a amp xlr also -

now when i listen to music - the amp has two gains - channel one and channel two -

i always figured that channel one is left and channel two is right -

and when i turn the gains - they work that way - both the EQ and amp has gains and when i turn the left gain on any of those - the left speaker works - and vise versa - so i always figured it was correctly connected

but watching the marantz doing the setup - shows the opposite -

would anyone know what excatly do i change now to make it correct -

would the issue be coming from the pre outs on the marantz where i need to reverse ?

if i recall - its white and red - and i think theres a L and R - so you know which is left and right - so if i connected the Left RCA preout from the marantz to the left channel on my EQ and out to the left channel on my Amp -
and vise versa - it should be correct ? not sure why it shows the opposite when i ran setup again today -

if i change the speaker wires - then my left gain would work my right speaker - so that cant be right -

any ideas ??

thanks -
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so what exactly did firmware version h55 do? i dont think it was really answered in the thread. im looking to get a sr8001, so im curious. thanks.
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I just got the Marants SR7007, but can't seem to get it working correctly.

When playing, the lights for Digital and DTS does come on, but I can only select from the following sound options:
- Stereo
- DTS Surround
- Multi Channel Stereo
- Virtual
This is with the Eagles DVD, "When Hell Freezes Over" after selecting DTS as playing option.

I am however expecting to be able to select from a much wider range including:
Audyssey DSX®
etc, etc.....

I have a 5.1 setup with the front speakers bi-amp'd.
In the speaker setup I have chosen for Bi-amp and have re-run the audyssey setup.
The DVD player is hooked up by HDMI cable. (Could this be to old a version??)

Help would be appreciated.
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if the content already is 5.1, you can't use another program to expand it to 5.1, because, circularly enough, it's already 5.1. If you don't have rear surrounds, you can't use another program to expand to 6.1 or 7.1 because there'd be nowhere to send the extra channel. Your receiver is showing you the choices that actually apply with the particular input.
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Hi Guys,


I'm looking for some help here, I just bought a well looked after SR7500 receiver off ebay and after setting it up I'm finding an interference coming from the speakers, a low hum that would probably suggest a ground loop issue normally but in this case there is nothing else connected, just the receiver and the two front speakers. I have tried using other channels and they are the same, I have tried it in another room away from the rest of my setup and still the same. Its worth noting that the speakers I'm using at the moment are 30 year old Wharfdale's but I don't see why that should be a problem, they sound great.


I know this has probably been discussed a thousand times but any help would be much appreciated, I'm upgrading my speakers to B&W's next month but can't live with this interference until then.

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I would suspect a power supply issue with your SR7500. Probably old filter capacitors are leaking/gone down in value/gone open. You can put a scope on each of your power supply voltages and you'll probably find one that has way more ripple than it should. You'll probably have to take it to a good repair shop or send back to Marantz.
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Thanks for the advice, will have to try and find someone competent nearby who cold take a look at it.

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Thanks for the thread,, quick question.. I have been running hdmi from my DSS to the pre-amp AV8003 and out to tv for years now..At the same time running HDMI from my Blu-ray straight to the tv and and optical out for sound to the AV8003 pre. Not a problem,,tell I added a center channel and am now very aware of surround indicators on the pre-amp.. I am getting awesome sound from my Dish signal in 5.1,, However am not getting 5.1 from Blu-ray?? Do I need to run my HDMI to the amp imput like I have the dish set-up or am I missing something?? I thought optical could easily carry 5.1 detectable sound to my pre-amp? Any response would be greatly appreciated,, Much Thanks!

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I would run an HDMI from your Blu-ray to the AV8003. You should then get as good surround sound as you do with your satellite (plus you won't have to switch inputs on your TV when you switch from Blu-ray to satellite).
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That's exactly what I was thinking! Thanks for the quick reply,, much appreciated..

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I recently installed the Marantz remote android app to control my M-CR610 wireless receiver.

My dlna music server is able to stream wirelessly to the CR610. 


But when trying to remotely access my music server using the app, I got the error message stating that the music server feature is not available for the ip address that i have entered, although the screen display on my CR610 will switched correctly the the music server menu.

The rest of the apps are working well though ie i can control internet radio, cd etc using the app.

BTW, I have also just updated the firmware on CR610.


How should i go about troubleshooting such error message?

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When I power it on, it stays on for about 2 seconds, just long enough for the display to light up and it immediately powers off. Any ideas as to what the problem could be? Thank you for your help!
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Which one would you get? Looking at upgrading my 15 year old sony receiver to something new, now that my home theater is just about done. I'm looking at the refurbished 6007, 6008, and 7005 from accessories4less.com. The price of all three is within $75. I ran wires for 9.4, but for now only plan on 7.1 or .2. I don't really care about 4K, but I do need 3D, which it looks like they all have. As far as speakers I will soon be upgrading those as well to some waveguides from diysoundgroup. Help a noob out. smile.gif
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They all use the same version of Audyssey MutlEQ XT, but the 6008 as the newest of the three models will have a few more features than the older 6007 and 7005. So review each model to see what features you require. Also note as the refurbs only come with a 1 year warranty, you'll also want to add another $50 to the purchase price for a 3 year extended warranty to equal that of a new unit.
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