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New WiRNS Feature: IVS Receives

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Available only via the Updater.

From Glenn's post on PlanetReplay:

Originally Posted by Glenn1963 View Post

Available via the Updater, WiRNS now includes IVS Receive capability.

Features include:
  • Multiple concurrent receives, user configurable
    Receive Accept/Pause/Cancel
    Automatic Accept option
    Configurable receive path(s)
    Optional Replay Receive Intercept

Configuration / IVS
Enable IVSTracker: Must be selected
IVS Transfer Speed: Limits the bandwidth allocated to IVS Transfers
Auto-accept IVS sends: If selected, Sends will be automatically accepted and the transfer will begin.
Maximum Receive Count: Maximum number of concurrent receives allowed.
Note that any accepted Receive beyond this value will wait in queue and automatically start when other Receive(s) complete.

Configuration / Replays
For each Replay, there is an option, Intercept IVS Sends: When selected, shows sent to this Replay will instead be received by WiRNS. At that point, all options defined for a WiRNS Receive will apply.

Configuration / WiRNS Show Paths
Under your WiRNS Virtual Replay is an IVS column. Select the Path(s) you wish to use for IVS Receives. These function identical to Download Paths.

Tools / IVSTracker
Use to control the Receive, including Accept, Pause, and Cancel.
Because the Receive needs the IVSTracker info, you can't Delete the Tracker entry until the Receive is complete or Canceled. For some features, the status will be reflected after the next Tracker refresh.

Pausing a Receive will open a slot in the Receive Queue, allowing a waiting Receive to commence. If that occurs, Resuming the Paused receive will place it back into the queue, and will not necessarily immediately Resume the Receive, if the maximum receive count has already been reached. It will also skew the transfer rate and estimated completion times.

If the sending Replay becomes unresponsive, WiRNS will reduce, in two stages, the frequency at which it requests data from the sender. Once normal communication is restored, the receive will continue normally. Messages will be logged and a status will be indicated in IVS Tracker.

If WiRNS is stopped, or in the extremely unlikely event that WiRNS hangs or crashes, Receives will resume when WiRNS is restarted.

Use of this and any WiRNS IVS feature is allowed only for legally obtained and transmittable material. Any other use may violate copyrights expressed or implied, and the legal responsibilities and consequences of doing so rest solely with the WiRNS end user. Use of these features expresses acceptance of these terms.
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Originally Posted by rbolen70 View Post

"Out of every 10 people, 1 understands binary and the other doesn't"

I'd say it was more like 1 out of F00!

for i=ob1
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Ok.. I enabled this, and now I can't send any shows.
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This has been resolved. A tweak was needed for the IVSProvider update.

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Ryan - Thanks.

Do we have to use the IVS proxy function to make this work? Because I know IVS Tracker for sends does NOT work unless you have it enabled (proxy).

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Originally Posted by icecow View Post

I'd say it was more like 1 out of F00!

for i=ob1

you must be the 'other' one because F is not a legal number in binary. The correct extraordinarily geeky reply would be more like:

Only 1 out of 100 know binary. The other 1001011% still can't figure it out.
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Now this comes to mind. no offense intended
1 out of 10000 know hex, the other FFFFs don't.
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