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Best DVD to IPOD rip software?

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A lot of threads on general DVD ripping software for backups and whatnot but could find nothing on what folks are using for Ipod/MP4 conversion. Have had some trouble getting consistant 640x480 rips that will actually play and play with synched audio out of xilisoft. Trying to use the highest res possible so when I blow it up on my portable video player it looks as good as it can get. Have also tried madz ipod video converter but that maxes out at 320x240.

Any other ideas? I've tried a few things off sourceforge but sometimes that ends up being more hassle than its worth.
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I do not own an iPod. Came across this the other day. Hope it's some help to you.
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I have both an iPod and a Creative Zen Vision W, I ran across a program called "DVD Catalyst" that has support for multiple device formats and resolutions. This is a good one size fits all program and it gives pretty decent results. Another alternative is to use DVD Decrypter and Videora to encode to MP4. These take a little longer but are both free. I have also used other programs with decent results but like the variety of devices supported by DVD Catalyst. I hope this info helps you out.
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I use DVD Ripper Platinum for the iPod and the PSP....works great.

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DVDFab works great for Ipod and PSP
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Hi people - can you confirm that DVD Ripper Platinum & DVD Fab both do 640 X 480 mp4s?

I use the free version of DVD Fab, which only does .vobs - I did note that it has a disabled icon for converting to PSPs & iPods. Does DVD Fab have a good selection of settings too?
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It will create 640x480 H.264 files for IPOD. Quality is great and looks very near DVD.

Handbreak is good and now can create chapters in the mp4 file, but I have yet to try it.
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Good info guys..thanks gonna have to try DVDfab for my PSP and Vision W
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You can find a lots at dvd-ripper-mac.com, we provide you all popular dvd ripper software, like xili dvd ripper, wondershare dvd ripper, isky dvd ripper, aimer dvd ripper, imtoo dvd ripper and so on.
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For winodws, you can go to http://www.iphone-converter-soft.com/dvdripper/ to download; For Mac user, you can go to http://www.dvd-ripper-mac.com to get dvd ripper software for, both PowerPc and Intel Mac.
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Anybody ever tried this bitRipper v1.31?

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Handbrake is what I use.
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I use aimersoft dvd to ipod coverter, it works great and the build-in ipod copy manager can transfer video to ipod directly, that's really cool
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It seems that everyone says their chosen ripper works great. Do any NOT work well? For me, I am looking for a ripper specifically maximized for the iPhone since I assume the wider screen may require different specs...
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I use MediaCoder for PSP. The PSP (as you probably already know) is also widescreen. I could convert directly from DVD to mp4, but I have found the DVD-read phases to be slow, so I prefer to rip to HD first and then convert - much faster read/write sequences. You can specify how much "task" usage - I set it to 60%, but if you want to use 100% of your cpu, that's doable too (also makes use of all available cpus). I also like that you can define the resolution to match your end-device, as well as boost the volume if needed. There's a iPhone version of MediaCoder (all versions are free), so give that a shot. The only Con that I have found so far is that converting more than one vid has been buggy (i.e., no sound in all vids after the first), so I have been just converting one at a time. I also use this same version to convert vids for my wife and daughter's 5G iPods.
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very helpful post. I will check it out. Today, I tried DVD Ripper and it was okay. I will compare with your mediacoder next.
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mediacoder does not work on Mac it seems so it is out for me. I was not happy with the results after using dvdripper because the video/audio was very choppy on my evaluation DVD (Apocalypse Now-Redux). Handbrake on Mac worked well so that is my latest attempt at finding an effective solution.
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For Mac users, iSkysoft DVD Ripper Pack for Mac is a good choice. It can convert dvd and Video to any format files with high quality. My friend and I all use it. There is also a version for PC users.
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Has anyone tried Videora?

It say's it's free but as you read on it say's trial version ?

So is it a stripped down limited use version?

I have tried Handbrake and I can't get it to load on my PC. I've tried updating the files needed to load it but no luck so I am giving up on it. Someone gave me their copy of DVD2Pod software and I got it to work but I spent 1hr burning the wrong file and instead of 15 or so Motley Crue videos I got the intro loop on the dvd over and over and over again.
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Videora won't download for me. Everytime it starts to download I get a pop up screen that tells me the operation has timed out and it's about 2 seconds after it starts.

So has anyone tried software from CUCUSOFT?

I need a good reliable, simple one step solution.
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Does anybody here use DVDFab for their iPod? I use the free version just to rip DVD's for my tversity server, but the free version will not do anything but that.
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Originally Posted by lovswr View Post

Does anybody here use DVDFab for their iPod? I use the free version just to rip DVD's for my tversity server, but the free version will not do anything but that.

i use it and it works great, it rips for ipod,zune, psp, xbox360 and many many more.
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DVD to iPod for Mac OS X
iSkysoft DVD to iPod Converter is a quite good conversion software that can convert DVD to formats suitable for iPod products. With iSkysoft DVD to iPod Converter, you can choose to convert any chapters or titles, trim the length of any titles or chapters, convert your DVD into one file, and select DVD subtitle and audio track to convert your movie in any language available on your DVD.
It also lets you set video brightness, contrast, and saturation and so on to set the output movie quality. Rip DVD to iPod with this easy software to turn your iPod into a mobile mini cinema.
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I've had good results converting my dvd collection using Videora for Nano. I converted 34 of my DVDs to files to play on the nano. I've had 2-3 strange results (very skinny horizontal screen on one and some incorrect language tracks that could just be due to mislabeling). Anyway, very easy to use.

My question is that I am thinking about getting an iPod Touch and see that Videora has a different converter for the Touch. Would my previous 34 files made for the Nano still play fine in the Touch or will I need to re-convert? This would be a hassle since I've deleted the original larger ripped files at this point and would have to start over. All the files that I convert I have used the highest quality settings in case that matters. Any confirmation would be greatly appreciated.
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Don't ever buy any converter software...........ever.
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I used Videora for over a year with the trial version and while it was a tad slow, I had only one failure ( Toy Story 2 ) on around 78 DVD's. My computer recently crashed completely and I downloaded Media Widget which I will be trying out tonight. Hope for the same reliability.
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Can someone explain how one goes about picking the "correct" Frame resolution in DVDFab Platinum based on the ripped DVD content? I have a 160GB iPod classic and would like all my rips to show the whole frame (letterboxed, of course) on the iPod. I believe the screen rez of the actual LCD is 320x240 (4:3). Since I have DVDs that were shot in 1.78:1, 2.35:1 and other AR's, I'd like to know which Frame Rez to pick for each of those. Again, I ONLY want to play these on the tiny iPod screen. The experiments I've tried so far with a 1.78:1 DVD of "The Departed" yielded less than great results.

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To Iceblade's question, maybe you can try this program: Pavtube DVD to iPod Converter.
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Thanks. I ended up going with CloneDVDMobile, IIRC.

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Originally Posted by almostinsane View Post

Handbrake is what I use.

Same here.
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