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Mac and PC versions.
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I stumbled upon 123MoviesIPOD at my local Staples store a while back. Recently testing the assorted movie convertors I've collected it offered to upgrade itself. Version is far better than the original, and it will turn a DVD or file or You-Tube video into MP4, AVI, and WMVs at many different resolutions. I remember it being $30ish, and the update was free. One step essentially. It finds the DVD in your drive, You can set the destination, select the devices, and configure specific output resolution.
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Another vote for handbrake. DVDDecrypter to extract the .vob and handbrake to convert it for my gen-2 ipod touch. Both are free, and both work really well.

Videora is okay, but I personally prefer Handbrake's UI and I think the latter is faster too.
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If you are tired of tying up your PC making movies for your ipod, Pinnacle is winning tech awards for it's Pinnacle Video Transfer device. I bought one and have reviewed it with a few photos on my Blog. You can plug anything with composite or Svideo video outputs directly into it, and a USB thumb drive or hard drive into the other end. Play the movie and press RECORD on the Pinnacle. Come back when the movie is done and you'll have a 480x320 MP4 movie for that will play perfectly on your Ipod Touch or iPhone. You have a few other choices as well. I've tried it with old VHS movies, DVDs, output from my SAT box and directly from my 8mm video camera. As low as $80 if you shop around. I've stopped using my PC.
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Free version of HD DVDFab Decryptor and Handbrake. I actually use DVD shrink after DVDFab so I just get the movie (and take out long credits-save space). This works great for my 3rd gen Ipod Nano. Handbrake has presets for ipods. I just make sure it's set for .mp4
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I think you can try Pavtube DVD Ripper.My friends recommend it to me, it's safe and works pretty well. The conversion quality is good, and the conversion speed is really fast.
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One nice thing is a lot of the new Blu-Rays include a digital copy so to some that may be
worth the switch besides the better PQ.
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I have yet to get a blueray "free" digital copy to play on anything other than my PC. DRMed to death.
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Originally Posted by 4Dthinker View Post

I have yet to get a blueray "free" digital copy to play on anything other than my PC. DRMed to death.

Typical.....That is so not surprising.
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Originally Posted by WCoast02 View Post

Typical.....That is so not surprising.

Digital copy of Bolt worked perfectly on my Mac and iPod. Of course, all the disc seemed to do was take me to the iTunes store and initiate a free download. But I'm not complaining.
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+1 for DVDFab. They seem to actively develop the application too. I just participated in a survey that will influence future product direction - this is a nice secondary benefit.

I use the Platinum version for DVD-DVD and DVD-iPod {or Zune, or, or, or...}.
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Hi all! I would like you try VidCrop Pro! I like it! A very usefull and simple in use)) I know that it seems like an advertise, but i don't want to enforce) I have tried it and liked and just wanna to share
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Anyone know the relationship between DVDfab and CloneDVD(or Fengtao vs. Slysoft)? I've heard different things, that Fengtao's DVDfab is a chinese ripoff of the British slysoft's software, but I've also heard that they're both a variation of an open source program.

I hear they both work well, but noticed more people were using DVDfab and wanted to know if anyone had seen this before and if there were benefits of one program over the other.
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Dicsoft is what i use
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Originally Posted by Stvenss View Post

Dicsoft is what i use

they have medication for that these days, you know...
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Try the iOrgSoft DVD to iPod converter, it can help you convert dvd videos into the format compatible with ipod.
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Another vote for handbrake. If you are using a new iPhone or iPod, I set up a profile to encode to 960x640, h264, rips look amazing on the retina display encoded this way. Also grabbed the trial ver of DVDFab to rip a new blueray that anydvd HD would not, but have used DVD Decrypter successfully for years.
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Daniusoft dvd ripper software dvd ripper software can help to rip dvd to ipad 2 with high quality.
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bvcsoft DVD to iPod converter works great.support DVD Gain,iPod Gain,mp3gain.also keep your original video size with high quality and enjoy them on PC.
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DVD Catalyst4 FTW.

All-in-one, super easy to use, and great price.

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