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My first projector -- I need a screen!

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I just bought a used Optoma H31 with low lamp hours, and I absolutely love it (my first projector)!! Problem is, it came with a retro reflective screen (Graywolf 92") which was fine for the first week, until I mounted the projector on the ceiling. Now, the wall works better than the screen. I'm wondering if anyone on here can suggest a decent budget priced (hopefully around $200) angular reflective screen. It would be nice if it had a gain of more than 1, since the H31 is not extremely high lumen output. Also, I liked what the gray did for contrast with the Graywolf. But I'm no videophile (not yet, anyway), and I'm not too picky. I would just like to emulate the quality and brightness of that I had with the Graywolf when my projector was on the table in front of the couch. Oh, and since I've already hung the Graywolf, I have hooks in the wall to accomodate a 92" screen, so even though I have room for a bigger one, I'd probably be fine sticking with that size (although drilling new holes for a bigger screen isn't out of the question). Any suggestions? Thanks for reading!
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Look into the Da-lite Models B or C with the HCMW (High Contrast Matte White) screen
will fall in your budget and lots of people use it for ceiling mounted projectors.
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DO NOT limit your screen choices to a screen that will fit the holes you already drilled!!!!

If you have room to go bigger, GO BIGGER. You won't regret it and you'll constantly second guess yourself if you don't.

My screen experience so far is limited to the graywolf ii. At 92", the texture probably didn't bother you. Much larger for that screen type and it probably would.

Since you're ceiling mounting anyway and know you need an angular reflective screen, no worries there.

Back to screen size - even if you did get another 92" screen, you'd most likely need to drill new holes anyway. even though the screen size is the same, the casing size is probably different, and different screens will have different size black borders.

DO NOT limit your screen size to where you have the holes already. You'll be doing yourself a disservice.
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Ok thanks, that's exactly the info I'm looking for! And I also agree with the advice to not limit my screen size (although my current room won't allow the projector to be any farther away from the screen wall, and currently the image is about 95", but if I move to a place with a bigger room then obviously getting a bigger screen now will pay off). Thanks again! Oh, is there some place in particular that people like to buy those screens from? I've noticed that the brick and mortar places (like Best Buy) have a pretty limited selection.
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