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Need Help on Amps

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I am considering adding an amp to my setup which consists of:

HK 635 75w per channel
Atlantic Tech. FS3200 Fronts
Polk Audio RM series sides and rears
VTF3 MK3 sub

My room size is about 15x12 which opens (L Shape) up to another room 10X14

I wanted to know if adding a deadicated amp would help improve my current system as far as sound quailty and levels. Also any recomendations that would match my speakers and HK 635, also how to hook up to each other.
Thanks Tony
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You might want to post in the forum covering amplifiers, and also post your budget. A dedicated amp would likely improve sound quality, but this depends quite a bit on your budget.
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My budget is around $400-$600. New or used
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You don't say what "improve sound quality" means to you, so it is impossible to give a simple answer. Your 75 watt HK is almost certainly more than enough power for your room size and with your speakers.

If louder is your goal, then keep in mind that you have to double the output power to get a 3dB increase in peak sound level (very easily discerned if not dramatic) and 10 times as much power to get twice the level (assuming your speakers will take it).

If you move the speakers closer you get the same effect as a big increase in power.

Mostly what you hear, is a combination of the recording and the speakers. Decent solid state electronics (and yours are decent) make only a subtle contribution. I have by the way both a receiver (for movies and some music) and a much more powerful pre-amp/power amp for music. The differences at other than hearing damage levels is not worth worrying about especially for movies.

Double checking your speaker balance, experimenting with the sub location, changing and getting some room acoustic treatments are all more likely to improve (or at least change) the sound quality. New speakers could have a big impact. If you look into new speakers pay some attention to the sensitivity spec. a 3 db difference is going to be discernable in terms of potential loudness.
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IMHO try a power amp in your setup. If you like the sound better with the power amp keep it otherwise resell it. A used Rotel or Parasound, which I consider to be entry level audiophile gear, should fit the bill.

In the end its just a hobby so if a power amp can help you enjoy your setup more why not

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