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good dv stream capture program

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I'm looking for good software for capturing a dv stream from a Motorola 6412. I followed the instructions at: replayguide.sourceforge and everything worked to a point.

My ts files seem to have problems half the time for one thing, and secondly, I get a lot of dropped frames or stopping and stuttering of the video. One test in HD, recording 2 minutes of the King of Cars' actually worked almost perfectly. But that's the only time, whether HD or just regular digital.

I was going to try windv, as I heard it had a buffer and I figured this might help. With the program I just keep getting error can't find pin.

After capturing the video, I can only get HDTV2DVD to recognize my .ts files half the time. I figured this is because there are too many errors in the file. When I do get it all to work, I can successfully create a dvd.

I realize this might be a resource issue on the laptop.

So I'm looking for a good program free or pay that has a better success at capturing video.

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CapVHS is the perferred capture device, alot of happy users here and alot of guides here too.
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Does anyone have a manual for the CapDVHS.exe? I simply cannot figure out most of the tabs in the program. Now it,s a hit or miss, even to save the file. Thanks

Bobby Hall
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I'm trying to do the same thing, record analog composite video going into a "Canopus ADVC 110" and outputing DV firewire.

I'm trying to find the best software to capture into, I just need a avi file, trying to avoid mpg compression issues.

Ideally I'm looking for something that does a full screen preview then allows you do start and stop recording by doing something simple like hitting space bar.

I've tried using Windows Movie Maker but the preview is too small to be usable for my application (scientific), and the process of making a new movie is too many clicks.

I've also try Pinnacle Studio, but that's a memory hog and takes too long to get working (boot time, time after recording has finish to write to disk, etc)

Anyone know of anything simple to just capture the DV video quickly and easily?

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