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1st time poster in desperate need of TV purchasing Advise for gaming.

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I apologize in advance if this isn't the best location to post this.
This is my first post, and I'm in need of a lot of help.

I'm currently the owner of 15 year old Panasonic CRT (Doesn't even have composite inputs on it).

Well, after 15 good years, I think it's about to die. If the image is very bright or white, the image gets wavy and turns green. And it also recently started flickering random black horiztonal lines at different moments.

For months I've been researching TVs, but I'm just overwhelmed with info, I can't decide what to do.

Here is my situtation:
I have basic SD cable with Comcast, but I'm considering upgrading to digital tv, and include HD channels.

I'm a very big gamer, and I usually use my TV for games more than TV viewing.

I own a Xbox 360, a PS2, and a Nintendo Wii, and I eventually plan on getting a PS3.

I'm looking for a TV that's at max $1500, and 32" big.
I've been looking at Samsung TVs....but I've been reading mix reviews.
Other than gaming, my family has at terrible luck with Sony, so I want to avoid Sony if I can.

I've been looking at a Samsung 32" LCD..I know my SD TV viewing will be fairly choppy, but I'm willing to sacrifice it a bit since I'm primarily a gamer. And I may upgrade to HD comcast.

However, I'm reading even with Nintendo's component cables, the Wii looks very bad. Granted, I'm used to 480i tv so I'm not a dead eye with spotting resolutions, but I've seen Samsung's on display with gamecubes hooked up, and it does look really bad (But I also don't know how it's hooked up.)

So, I've looked into Samsung's CRT HDTV thinking with the 480i, 480p, 1080i native resolution..The 360 will be HD, and my TV viewing and Wii will look improved with the 480p.

Now, with CRTs, I've read that Samsung is having banding/Geometry problems. And Widescreen stretching is pretty bad. Also, I'm not fully in depth with the PS3's scaling problems, but I'm reading it's having problems when not being able to lock into 720p. Will my eventual PS3 purchase suffer from a CRT?

So that's my situation....What's my best course of action? Future proof myself a little with an LCD, Get a Cheaper CRT? Or should I just replace my current set with a similar one when my Panasonic finally dies.

Please please help, I'm going insane with all this info. I just don't want to spend hundreds on a TV and have my purchase look worse than the basic 15 year old quality SD image I'm used to.

Sorry this was so long, but I don't know what else to do. Thanks for your time.
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Max 32 inches? With 1500 you can buy a lot of tv... maybe 42 or even 46/50 if you go rear projection. Keep in mind the 16:9 aspect means a 32 inch widescreen is about the same height as a 27 inch 4:3. I have a 37 and wonder if I should have gone bigger... then again I paid less than 800.

As I understand it the problem with ps3 is it will not output in 1080i, so if you buy a hd crt that only supports 1080i and 480p your display will default to 480p.
Also if you buy a 1080p display make sure it has support for 60hz at that res, the ps3 only outputs 1080p at 60hz.

Btw way my display is an Olevia 537, it's 720p. Haven't tried ps3 but ps2, gc and 360 all look fantastic.

Sorry about the edit, typing from my pda.
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Westinghouse LVM 42w2 FTW!!
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The issue with the PS3 is that games currently do not scale to different resolutions.

Your monitor's native resolution doesn't really factor in, it's the ability to scale. Where some older 1080i native resolution sets get caught by this is when they don't accept a 720p input and won't scale it to 1080i. The playstation 3 has a number of games right now that are 720p and if your display isn't 720p and it can't scale the 720p input to 1080i or 1080p, you are SOL.

Supposedly this is getting fixed for newer games where a game might be rendered in 720p but output in your choice of HD 720p/1080i/1080p. For the record, just about every single component available from HD-DVD, BluRay, upscaling DVD, cable box, Xbox 360, HD DVRs etc....can sca;e on their own. The only other exception was the original XBox and I think everyone is stunned that Sony didn't learn from this last gen example that caused this exact same issue on it's modest selection of 720p games over the last 4-5 years.

Tooconfused - for the most part a display is a display. Many older consoles produce ugly images. A bigger screen and sharper display will simply show you what's already there. You seem to keep televisions for a long time so I wouldn't hobble your future gaming to try to hide how bad your older systems look. Lots of people on here with PS2s used to game on smaller screens and/or use older composite cables rather than component to drop some sharpness and make the jaggies less noticable.

But honestly, all a display does is reproduce the source, any source, and the accuracy with which this is done determines the quality. Don't sweat gaming specific displays - no such thing and the best gaming display is the best display (albeit technology susceptible to burn in like a CRT front projector might not be the best choice if you happen to like to leave your games paused overnight or only play the same game for hours on end). Go to the store and see what you like in the way of LCD, DLP, LCOS etc... in various flat and rear projection form factors. You already know the direct view CRT deal but look at those too. Then come back and do some research online and in the display devices forums. There is no "best" no matter how much you spend. Don't be afraid to go bigger than you think you need if you can afford it. Don't buy a poor display with the idea that it will be bad enough to help hide old ulgy games and saddle yourself with it for the next 5+ years - accept the games for what they are and play, it's not a big deal.

Good luck
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Thanks for your support and your suggestions.

I was planning on making my purchase this weekend, but Pennsylvania was just nailed with a bad snow storm and it's very difficult to drive.

To make matters worse, my 360 just died...."Red Ring of Death." I'm dreaded the repair process. I've heard some horror stories. So I want to get the 360 issue resolved before I worry about a TV purchase.
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