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Aux input on new Sirius car docking station

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I have been getting conflicting information as to if the Aux port on the front of the car docking station of the Sportster 4 is active and will accept an Mp3 signal from the headphones jack.

Can anyone confirm that this jack is active and intended for this purpose?

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I am not 100% familiar with the Sportster 4 unit, but are you sure you are not talking about the AUX OUT on the car docking station?

Too my knowlegde, and I could be wrong, those units have an AUX OUT on the car dock. They are not AUX IN.

The AUX OUT on the car dock would be used to direct connect the unit too your radio headunit in your car either by:

1. Direct connect FM wired modulator(this is the worst direct connect type IMHO)
2. Car has a cassette deck built into the radio, and direct connect a AUX cassette to the unit for playback of satellite radio content(Very good results. Clear reception. Just that below connections tend to sound a LITTLE BIT BETTER IMHO).
3. Your unit has an AUX IN on it's front panel so you can connect the AUX OUT from the Sirius car dock to the radio using a 3.5mm connection(on both ends. Usually 4-6ft in length ample. Found at Best Buy/Circuit City/Sears/Radio Shack/etc... pretty cheaply) EXCELLENT WAY to connect car dock to radio for clear reception, and excellent sound.
4. Using a 3.5mm connection on car dock end, and Red and White RCA plugs for REAR AUX INPUT on Car radio. Again, excellent way to connect radio.

I have never heard of these ever having an AUX INPUT on their car docks, only AUX OUTPUTS for direct connection to the car radio to avoid wireless FM transmission.
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According to a poster on another forum when i possed this same question today,

"I have a sportster 4 with the jack. I hook my ipod into and play my ipod thru it. When it is in use the Sportster will not work you have to unplug from the jack. I have tried other devices thru that port and they all work also. That is what it is for and does work."

I have had two different Sirius reps tell me two different things...one said yes it was an input...the other said it was for an additional antenna.

But I think you may be right about it being an output.......makes sence.
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I know this is an old...really old...post, but I would really like to get my hands on one of these older car docks with the AUX-IN on the front. Does anyone know where I could score one?
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bump....anyone have one and want to get rid of it?
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I have one that I still use, not sure where you could find one nowadays, they only seemed to come with the first generation Sportster 4's. However, I recently got the Sportster 5 as my 4 would not go past the Sirius Logo. The AUX input jack does not work with the 5. It does work with the Stratus. I got mine at a radioshack, it was there display dock for the sportster 4. You might check with your local store and see if they have theirs still. It was a long time ago however so they may be gone. Good luck! I registered just to write this! If anyone does know of a way to make it work with the Sportster 5 I would greatly appreciate it.
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